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7 Yellow And Black Football Teams

The NFL is a team of different colors and logos. There are different football teams colors in the NFL. The NFL is the leading competition in the US, with 32 teams competing. Blue is the more dominant color for most teams.

But yellow and black football teams are also common. There is nothing special than the feeling of matchday while donned in the team’s jersey. Yellow and black is a lovely color match.

Since you know football teams with blue and white color, you may wonder which football team wears yellow and black stripes?

1 – Pittsburgh Steelers

When you think of Pittsburgh Steelers, one thing comes to mind, the City of Champions. But then the image of black and gold appears before your eyes. The colors black and yellow mean a lot to Pittsburgh Steelers.

They are immortalized in Wiz Khalifa’s black and yellow lyrics. Pittsburgh’s rich history of hard work and steelmaking cannot be said without mentioning the two colors.

There is little to hate about Pittsburgh Steelers, from their performances to their color choice. The team is by far the most successful franchise in the NFL.

The Hex color codes are #000000 for the black and #ffb612 for the gold. Other colors you’ll see on the jersey and logo are red, royal blue, and gray. The Steelers are not the only team donning the yellow and black jersey. The Pirates and Penguins also wear black and yellow jerseys proudly.

All major professional teams in Pittsburgh wear almost the same color. But how did all teams in the city wear the black and yellow color? What color does the home team wear mean?

This history of black and yellow starts with Pittsburgh Pirates, the National Hockey team from 1925-the 30s. They wore yellow and black uniforms that matched the city’s seal and flag.

These are colors in the city’s coat of arms. They are drawn from the Earl of Chatham and William Pitt’s coat of arms. The Pirates would soon change colors and move to Philadelphia, becoming the Quackers. They eventually folded.

Pittsburgh Steelers have since donned the black and yellow jersey since its inception in 1933. It’s a simpler representation of the city. The only time they didn’t wear black and yellow was in 1943. This is after they temporarily merged to form Steagles.

Even the city’s baseball team now wears black and yellow. They initially wore red, white, and blue but changed it to black and yellow in 1947. Pittsburgh Steelers have been dominant in the black and yellow winning two world series in the 1970s and dominated the Super Bowls.

three football on the field

2 – Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville Jaguars play in the NFL and are among the few teams that feature the yellow and black colors. They are a professional team from Jacksonville, Florida. Their biggest rivals in the NFL are the Tennessee Titans.

Jaguar’s main colors are black, gold, teal, and dark gold. The team has maintained much of the black and yellow color from 1995 to 2012. The team also features a metallic gold helmet.

Here are the HEX color codes:

  • Black #101820
  • Gold – #D7A22A
  • Dark Gold – #9F792C
  • Teal – #006778

The Pantone colors are as follows:

  • PMS Black 6 C – black
  • PMS 7555 C – gold
  • PMS 126 C – dark gold
  • PMS 3155 C for teal

The team logo also features black. Teal, gold, and dark gold colors. It also features a jaguar object. It’s a roaring jaguar with white, gold, and black fur. The nose and tongue also feature a teal color.

The Jacksonville logo is a symbol of the team mascot, a jaguar. The uniform has been around since 2018.

3 – Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are an NFL team from Baltimore, Maryland. Their biggest rivals in the NFL are the Pittsburgh Steelers. The team wears black, red, and metallic gold. They have featured purple, black, and metallic gold colors from 1996 to 1998.

The Hex color codes for the team are:

  • #241773 – Purple
  • #000000 – black
  • #9E7C0C – Metallic gold
  • #C60C30 – red

The team Pantone colors are PMS 273 C for purple, PMS 186 C for red, PMS 8660 C for metallic gold, and PMS Black 6 C for black.

They also feature a logo with black, purple, metallic gold, and red colors. The logo features a raven on the side with the letter B on the head. The letter B on the logo is a symbol of the city of Baltimore. It’s the team’s nickname and location.

The team color symbolizes the raven bird and pays tribute to the Maryland flag. This uniform was last changed in 2010.

4 – Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals also feature some yellow in their uniforms. This is a team from Phoenix, Arizona. Their biggest rivals are the San Francisco 49ers. Much of the color on the team’s uniform and logo is a tribute to the first jersey the team ever wore.

The Arizona Cardinals’ colors are cardinal, yellow, and black. Below is the Hex color code for the team.

  • #97233F for cardinal
  • #000000 for black
  • #FFB612 for yellow

The Pantone colors are V for yellow, PMS BLACK C for black, and PMS 194 C for the cardinal. Additionally, the three colors can also be found on the team’s logo. 

On the logo, there is a cardinal bird object. It is a symbol of the northern cardinal bird. The bird features a yellow beak, a black outline, and a red head. The uniform has maintained its colors since 2005.

Initially, the uniform featured a red faded color which changed to cardinal.

5 – Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams is another team that features the now famous yellow color. The team is located in Los Angeles, California. Their biggest rivals are the San Francisco 49ers.

stadium with yellow football team playing

The exact meaning of their colors is not known. They feature blue, gold, white, yellow, and dark gold.

6 – Kansas City ChiefsĀ 

The Kansas City Chiefs also feature yellow/gold on their uniforms and logo. Kansas City Chiefs are located in Kansas City, Missouri. Their biggest rivals are the Las Vegas Raiders. The team colors are gold and red.

Hex color codes for Kansas City are #E31837 for the red and #FFB81C for the gold. The team’s Pantone colors are also PMS 1235 C for gold and PMS 186 C for red.

The team’s logo also features red and gold colors. The logo is an arrowhead object with the letters ‘K’ and ‘C’ interlocking. It’s a symbol of the team’s name and location.

Color meaning on the team pays tribute to the city’s heritage. The team is also among the fastest, and you’ll learn how to get faster at football following the Chiefs.

7 – Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings is a team from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The team features purple and gold colors. Their biggest rivals are the Green Bay Packers. The unique color choices pay tribute to Minnesota’s Scandinavian tradition and the University of Washington.

The HEX codes for the colors are #4F2683 for purple and #FFC62F for gold. The team’s Pantone colors are PMS 123 C for gold and PMS 268 C for purple.

They also feature a logo with purple and gold colors. The logo features a Viking with long hair braids. The braids are facing upward and wearing a helmet. It’s a logo that symbolizes the team’s nickname and the culture and roots of Minnesota. 

Which NFL Team Has the Most Vibrant Colors?

The Cincinnati Bengals and Seattle Seahawks have the most vibrant colors in the NFL. Bengals boast one of the best uniforms with unique stripes even to the helmet. They have done a masterful job with their uniforms, all the way from the helmet to the pants.

football teams in yellow jersey

The Seahawks have also done a great deal by mixing a lot of colors. They feature very attractive and very vibrant colors. The HEX color codes are as follows:

  • #003594 for blue
  • #FFA300 for gold
  • #FF8200 for dark gold
  • #FFD100 for yellow
  • #FFFFFF for white

The Pantone color names for Los Angeles are PMS 661 C for blue, PMS 137 C for gold, PMS 151 C for dark gold, PMS 109 C for yellow, and PMS P 1-1 C for white.

It also features all the colors on the logo. The logo comes with a styled letters ‘L’ and “A’ which are initials for the city of Los Angeles. Letter A is shaped like Ram’s horn. This is the city and location of the team.

What NFL Team Has Yellow?

The Pittsburgh Steelers, Jackson Ville, and Baltimore Ravens all have yellow aspects in their kits.

What College Football Team Is Yellow and Black?

The NCAA University of Iowa Hawkeyes is the team with yellow and black kits.


Yellow and black football teams in the NFL include Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaguars, Baltimore Ravens, and many more. The yellow and black color choice is an exciting one that stands out. 

With most teams’ options for a combination of blue, yellow seems a great alternative. But these colors have meaning.

The Pittsburgh Steelers, which is predominantly known for the gold and black, is a good example. The gold represents the teams and the city’s history through the years. 

What states have NFL teams with yellow and black? Share with us, and let’s know your thoughts on the color choice. Also, remember to read about football numbering and learn more about the numbers in football.

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