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How To Wear Wrist Tape For Football (Plus The Best Options!)

Are you wondering how to wear wrist tape for football? Footballers wear tapes on their wrists to protect them from injuries since football is an aggressive sport that can lead to unexpected injuries.  

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Learning how to wear a wrist tape properly is beneficial to avoid distractions if it unties mid-game.  If you wear them wrongly, it may waste your time trying to wear them all over again. 

By reading our guide, you’ll learn how to properly wear wrist tape for football, whether you want to wear wrist tape to look cool or to cover an injury. You’ll also learn about some of the best trustworthy athletic wrist tape brands we recommend. 

Let’s take a closer look at how you can wear wrist tape for your next football game.

Best Wrist Tape for Football: Top 3 Choices at a Glance

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Why Do Football Players Tape Their Wrists?

There are many reasons football players tape their wrists during a game. You might think they do it merely for beauty and to look cool. But there’s more to it. 

Most of the time, footballers wear football tape wrists for protection and recovery from injuries. 

But one controversial reason some footballers wear tape on their wrists is because of their beliefs and superstitions. Moreover, some also wear them for good luck and confidence.

Read on as we show you more reasons football players tape their wrists.

Protect Their Wrist

One of the significant reasons football players tape their wrists is to protect their wrists from hyperflexion. 

Hyperflexion occurs when you put a specific joint or muscle under stress, leading to overstretching. Footballers are likely to face hyperflexion since football is a high-intensity game. 

When the joint stresses beyond the normal flexion, the football player can suffer ligament, tendons, and muscle injuries. To prevent hyperflexion, footballers wear the tape since it helps to maintain the muscles in a neutral position. 

The wrist tape also provides pressure on the wrist, providing muscular support and improving hand grip. If you’re wondering how to protect your bones and tissues, read our article on the best football shin pads.

In addition, wrist tape helps to protect your skin and muscles by providing warmth and insulation during cold seasons.  The wrist tapes also work like turf tape for football.  

To Cover Jewelry

You might not believe it, but some footballers wear jewelry to games. But the NFL only allows footballers to wear special jewelry, like energy bracelets. 

football player at the scrimmage line wearing wrist tape

Some footballers also wear jewelry for religious and medical reasons. However, footballers who wear jewelry to games must cover them in their jersey or wear wrist tape if they’re in visible places like their hands. While NFL allows players to wear special jewelry, NCAA doesn’t.

To Hide Tattoos

Another reason football players wear wrist tape is to hide tattoos. Since football involves a lot of aggressive contacts, players wear wrist tape to protect their tattoos from inappropriate contact. Players with controversial tattoos also use wrist tape to cover their tattoos. 

Recovering From an Injury

Wrist tapes are also ordinary among players who are recovering from injuries. Such players wear wrist tape to protect their injuries and to avoid hurting themselves again during the game. 

If they play without covering their injuries, more severe injuries may occur. In addition, wrist tape also speeds up the healing of the injuries. 

How to Apply Football Wrist Tape 

Hands Up and Wide Open

You should ask someone to help you wear your wrist tape because it’s more efficient than doing it yourself. To wear the wrist tape, raise your hands and open your fingers wide. In addition, make sure that you keep your hands firmly on the job tape.

Spray Adhesive

The second step is for the assistant to spray the adhesive or tough skin on the area you want to tape. The spray adhesive is crucial since it increases skin and tape contact. Keep the spray away from the athlete’s face, and don’t over-spray; a couple of sprays are enough.

Use Pre-wrap

You should wrap the arm with a pre-wrap to add a layer of protection to the arm before using the wrist tape. Moreover, the pre-wrap also protects the arm hair. Ensure to pop a hole when wrapping your thumb. 

football player with hands on his waist and wearing a wrist tape

Use Anchor Strips

Before you can wrap the whole finger, you must put one and a half inches of tape above the pre-wrap ending. Then you can start applying the tape over the pre-wrap. Ensure that you don’t put the anchor strip on too tight, as this can interfere with blood circulation.

Keep on wrapping until you reach the forearm. The strips should follow the anatomy of the forearm.

Fold The Tape At The Thumb’s Web Space

To wrap the thumbs’ web space, ensure that hands are still wide. Start below the knuckles but don’t cover the knuckles, as this will prevent finger movement. Fold the tape around the web space to avoid any bumps or irritations. Keep on rolling until you reach the other side of the pink.

Put Support Strips On

Once you have the anchor strips on, you need to add another layer of strips to prevent hyperflexion. Unlike the wraps, add the support strips in a straight line. Start from the anchor near the forearm and then diagonally wrap the pinkie side to the thumb side. 

After that, repeat from the thumb side to the pinkie. Add two more layers of the support strips, just like we have shown you. But make sure these new layers are tight. Now you can ask them to flex their hands to see if they are comfortable. 

Close The Taping Technique

The last step is to the strap. Closing will make the tape job stable. Here’s a demo video with more details on stabilizing a wrist to prevent hyperflexion using wrist tape. 

What Athletic Wrist Tape Do Football Players Use?

Hampton Adams Tape for Athletes and Medical Trainers 

The Hampton made the Adams Tape of 100% cotton and medical-grade material to ensure comfort, breathability, and effortlessness. Hamptons built this tape for athletes and medical staff alike. 


Each tape is 1.55″ wide by 15 yards long and comes in packs of three. This tape is late- free zinc oxide-infused, and hypoallergenic, so you’ll wear it safely on your wrist. 


  • Strong and durable tape
  • Rigid and doesn’t cause any harm
  • It doesn’t leave any residue on the skin


  • It feels a bit wider
  • The adhesive glue feels itchy

California Basics Black Athletic Tape for Wrist

The California Basics Black is non-sterile gauze elastic and adhesive black athletic tape that will feel comfortable on your wrist and never require pins. 


It comes in a pack of 10, so you’ll have plenty for your training. Moreover,  the tapes are lightweight, so you can use them regularly.


  • The tape is water-resistant
  • Tape is comfortable and flexible 
  • Easy to use and wrap, and you don’t need pins and clips 
  • Has a variety of uses, including sports tape, sensi wrap, and tattoo grip tape.


  • It may cost you more
  • Thin and sometimes run small

Dimora White Athletic Sports Tape

Another amazing wrist tape is The Dimora White Tape which they make from premium cotton, making it soft and durable for all users. In addition, the cotton allies for good ventilation. 


The tape comes in four packs, so you’ll have enough to reduce tissue pressure.


  • Latex-free
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Tape is synthetic 
  • The tape is breathable


  • It is insanely sticky
  • It gets dirty very fast

FAQs – Addressing the Common Wrist Tape Questions

tackling football player wearing a wrist tape

How Do You Protect Your Wrists in Football?

Wearing wrist tape is the best way to protect your wrist in football. The tape protects you from contact, hides tattoos, and covers an injury.

Should Receivers Tape Their Wrists?

Yes, receivers should wear tape on their wrists since they get tackled the most during a game—same as running backs. For more protection, receivers should get the stickiest gloves for wide receivers

Why Do Footballers Wear Wristbands?

Footballers wear wrist tape to protect their wrists, cover jewelry, hide tattoos, and cover injuries. Others have superstitious meanings behind wearing the tapes.


That’s all there’s to know about wearing wrist tape for football. Now you know why football players wear tape on their wrists, and probably it’s your time to have one or two from the recommendations we have shared above. 

Players often wear the tapes to cover jewelry, protect their wrists, hide tattoos, and help them recover from injuries. Others have different reasons for wearing the tapes.

We have also shown you how to apply football wrist tape and the best athletic wrist tape brands you can get. Go ahead and get the benefits of wearing wrist tape as you play football.

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