why do soccer players wear bras

Why Do Soccer Players Wear Bras? Reasons Explained

You’ve probably seen men soccer players wear what appears to be a bra. Many soccer fans are baffled when they see what appears to be a bra on soccer players. I agree, the undershirt garment does appear like a bra.

So, why do soccer players wear bras? Well, men’s soccer players don’t wear bras. What you see as a bra is a piece of tech clothing fitted with a GPS tracker to provide coaches with information throughout the game. The clothing is more of an athletic vest with a GPS tracker to collect vital game and player stats.

The same can be seen in women for the same purpose. In professional soccer, coaches are always looking to collect as much information about their players as possible. Fitting tech devices on players requires a soccer bra.

Keep reading below as I discuss more about soccer bras.

What Do Soccer Players Wear Under Their Uniforms

Soccer players wear soccer sports bras under their uniforms. The bra-like clothing they wear, as I mentioned earlier is not a real bra but a sports bra with a GPS tracking device.

Let’s take a deeper look.

When players remove their shirts, the clothing does appear like a bra. However, what they wear is a sports vest with cutting-edge technology fittings to monitor and track player performances.

A GPS tracker on the device helps monitor player performances in training and games. With professional soccer players highly paid, coaches and managers are taking steps to ensure performances are top-notch.

In a short while, I’ll discuss in detail what the GPS device does. Meanwhile, let’s see how men’s sports bra soccer began.

Why Do They Look Like Bras?

They look more like bras for practical reasons. The bra design is the only way manufacturers would fit tracking devices without impeding movement and player performance.

Manufacturers had to design a way to fit the GPS tracking device on a player without restricting movement and causing injuries.

soccer player GPS soccer bra

These devices can be fitted as watches on the arms. However, the risk of injury is high when players come into contact. So, ideally, the vests look like bras to fit nicely and not restrict movement or cause injuries.

What Does The GPS Device Do Inside Of The Sports Bra?

The GPS device inside of the sports bra tracks the health and fitness of players. They can also record and track the movement of players in training or test matches.

These devices record physical data like the player’s maximum speed, distance covered heart rate, where the player spends much of the time on the field, and much more.

Coaches can know how players are accelerating, decelerating and the amount of strain they are putting on the muscles. These devices can record all the player’s movements and help optimize performance.

Still, wondering why male soccer players wear sports bras? Now you know that the sports bras fit GPS tracking devices. The team management can track fitness based on fatigue or when players come from injuries.

Other basic information the devices track include:

  • Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Maximum speed
  • Distance covered

This is crucial data that takes any guesswork out of the sport. Players easily get to know where to improve. The devices are not for protection like a football helmet in the NFL. In most cases, they are worn during training and in test matches.

Curious Questions People Ask About Soccer Bras

Why Are Athletes Wearing Bras?

Athletes are wearing bras to hold the GPS tracking devices that monitor their performance and fitness on the field. It is a sophisticated piece of clothing with a GPS tracker that monitors fitness, physical development, and performance to ensure players perform at their optimum.

Do Male Soccer Players Wear Bras?

No, male soccer players don’t wear bras. What you see as a bra might look like a bra but is an athletic vest with cutting-edge technology. 

kicking the ball

It’s only that the technology can only be fitted on the vests with a bra design for practical reasons.

Why Are Male Athletes Wearing Bras?

Male athletes are wearing what looks like a bra to hold a GPS tracking device. The use of technology in sports is on the rise and soccer has not been left behind.

The tracking device on the bras helps every detail of the player’s fitness and performance in training and test matches.

Which Clubs Use GPS Vests/Bras?

Many professional teams across the world are now using GPS vests. From 2020, various teams in the English Premier League like Wolves and Wolves started embracing the GPS vests.

These two teams were among the first to embrace the technology. Since then, more teams like Manchester United and Liverpool have started using it.

You’ll also find National teams like Brazil, England, and Ukraine using the technology. Brazil’s soccer national team physiologist Guilherme Passos supports the use of the device saying it helps understand the players’ conditions and choices made on the pitch.


That’s it! You now know what soccer bras are and their purpose in soccer. Just as football gloves are important in football games, athletic vests are important in soccer.

Soccer bras are not really bras but athletic vests that fit a tracing GPS device for monitoring the performance and fitness of players.

The vests are important and are being adopted by professional teams to help optimize performance. They can measure a player’s acceleration, speed, total distance covered, and heart rate.

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