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When Is Soccer Season & When Does the Soccer Game Fall?

Soccer season is one of the most anticipated seasons for many sports fans. The question is always when does soccer start and when does the game fall?

Soccer fans around the world are excited to find out what dates their favorite teams will be competing.

For those who love to watch the beautiful game, this post has all the information you need about when is soccer season in all the popular leagues, and when it starts and falls.

So mark your calendars and get ready for some amazing soccer action!

When Is Soccer Season Played In

In Europe, the most popular soccer leagues are played between August and May. However, some countries start their season a little earlier or later than others.

England: The English Premier League (EPL) season typically runs from the end of August to the beginning of May.

Spain: La Liga’s season usually begins in the middle of August and ends in the first week of May.

Italy: The Serie A season typically runs from late August to early May.

Germany: The Bundesliga season starts at the end of August and ends in early May.

France: Ligue 1’s season begins in the middle of August and ends in early May.

Portugal: The Primeira Liga season usually starts in the middle of August and ends in early May.

Russia: The Russian Premier League season begins in mid-July and ends in early May.

Netherlands: The Eredivisie season generally runs from late August to early May.

Belgium: The Belgian Pro League season starts in late July and ends in early May.

Turkey: The Turkish Süper Lig season starts in late August and ends in early May.

Scotland: The Scottish Premiership season begins at the end of August and ends in early May.

What Season Does Soccer Game Fall This 2022

The MLS season typically runs from early March to early December. It started this year on February 26th, 2022. It started a little early this year to allow for the Qatar World Cup, which is on in November and December 2022.

The regular season is 34 games long, with each team playing 17 home games and 17 away games. The top six teams in each conference make the playoffs.

person holding the remote while watching a soccer game on tv

The playoffs are a single-elimination tournament. The Conference Semi-finals are played over two legs, with the higher seed hosting the second leg. 

The Conference Finals and MLS Cup Final are also played over two legs, with the higher seed again hosting the second leg.

MLS Season 2022

ProfessionalFeb 26thNovember 5th

How Long Is a Soccer Season Last?

A soccer season typically lasts for around nine months. This includes a preseason, which is usually four to six weeks long, and the regular season, which is typically 10 to 12 weeks long.

The length of the season can vary depending on the level of play and the country in which the league is located. For example, professional leagues in Europe typically have a shorter season than professional leagues in South America.

The regular season is typically followed by a postseason, which is usually two to four weeks long. The postseason can include playoffs, tournaments, or both.

As mentioned, in some countries, such as Brazil, the season is shorter due to the lack of a winter break. In other countries, such as Argentina, the season is longer because the league takes a break during the winter months.

So, depending on where you live and what level of soccer you play, the length of the season can vary.

Not only can the length of the season vary by country, but it can also vary at what time of the year the season takes place.

For example, in Europe, the majority of leagues start their seasons in the late summer or early fall and end their seasons in the spring. However, there are some leagues, such as the Russian Premier League, that start their seasons in the spring and end their seasons in the fall.

Also, the MLS (Major League Soccer) in the United States has a unique schedule compared to most other leagues around the world. The MLS season typically starts in March and ends in October/November.

This summer schedule is to avoid clashing with the NFL (National Football League) and other popular sports. Whereas in Russia, it is played during the summer to avoid harsh weather conditions.

When Is Professional Soccer Season 2022

English Premier LeagueAugustMay
Ligue 1AugustMay
Argentine PrimeraJuneOctober
Brasileiro (Brazil)AprilNovember
Serie AAugustMay
La LigaAugustMay
Primeira LigaAugustMay

Soccer Season Characteristics 

Soccer season typically falls during the late summer and early fall. The weather is generally warm during this time, which makes playing soccer outdoors more comfortable.

two players competing for the ball

When the season starts off each season at the end of summer, the games are often played in the heat – particularly in countries like Spain and Italy. It is why games are often played at night during this time.

As the season progresses and moves into fall, the weather becomes more moderate in most countries. This is when some of the biggest soccer tournaments take place, such as the Champions League and Europa League. 

In the Premier League, the season generally starts in August and ends in May. The FA Cup final, which is one of the most important games in England, takes place in late May.

As the season progresses through the year, most of the time games are not affected by weather as much. However, there are always a few games that get postponed due to heavy snow or rain.

Before each season starts, professional players usually go on vacation for a few weeks. They use this time to rest and recover from any injuries that they may have sustained the previous season.

They also use this time to prepare mentally and physically for the upcoming season. This is why you will often see players posting pictures of themselves working out or doing some sort of training while they are on vacation.

They will then do a grueling pre-season, which often includes a lot of running and fitness work. This is to make sure that they are in peak physical condition for the start of the season.

Once the season starts, players have to be very careful about their diet and fitness. 

They need to make sure that they are eating healthy foods and getting enough sleep. If they do not take care of themselves, they will quickly become tired and burned out.

As the season goes on, players will often pick up minor injuries. This is to be expected as they are playing a lot of games in a short period of time. 

However, if they do not take care of these injuries, they could miss games or even end up being out for the season.

In the big leagues in Europe, as the season approaches the Christmas period, the games start to come thick and fast. This is because there are a lot of teams in these leagues and they all have to play each other at least twice.

As a result, players often have to play two or three games in the space of a week. This can be very tough on their bodies and minds. They often have to deal with a lot of travel as well, as they have to go to away games.

This is the period where you start to get a sense of what teams are going to be challenging for the title and which ones are going to be fighting relegation.

By March or April, the picture is usually a bit clearer. This is when the final stretch of the season starts and teams really start to push for their objectives.

soccer player in blue uniform getting ready to kick the ball

For some teams, this is when they start to pick up form and go on a winning run. For others, this is when they start to slip up, and their chances of winning the title or avoiding relegation start to fade.

The season then comes to an end in May or June. This is when the final games are played and the winners of the various leagues and competitions are decided.

After the season ends, players usually have a break of a few weeks before they start to prepare for the next season.

Soccer Seasons FAQs

How Long Is Soccer Season in Europe?

In the big leagues in Europe such as the Premier League and La Liga, the season generally starts in August and ends in May. They are usually around 9 months long.

When Is Soccer Season in Spain?

In Spain, the season generally starts in September and ends in May. However, the 2022 season will start in August due to the World Cup on in Qatar in November and December.

What Age Should You Start Soccer?

You can start playing organized soccer when you are 5 or 6 years old. However, you can start playing informally anytime you want. When you are ready to start taking the sport more seriously, age 10 or 11 is when most people join club teams and begin training year-round.


Now that you know when soccer season is and when the soccer game falls, you can be sure to catch your favorite team in action.

Whether you’re a fan of the English Premier League or Major League Soccer, there are sure to be plenty of exciting matches to watch during the season. So don’t miss out and make sure to tune in.

Who knows, you might even see a goal or two.

What is your favorite league to watch?

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