what is a football banquet

What Is A Football Banquet? 

Knowing what a football banquet is and what to expect will make your first-time experience at a football banquet memorable. Besides, a football banquet can be a great place to network. As such, you need a good understanding of what is a football banquet, and what they expect of you. 

So what’s a football banquet? A football banquet is an event where football coaches, players, and their families gather to celebrate the end of the football season. The organizers present several players and coaches with awards during this event.

Organizers may award prizes based on how each individual performed. The awards will vary with the category and each person’s performance. The awardees may also give speeches at the ceremony.

Most of the time, the head coach or a special invitee presents the awards to the players and coaching staff who have excelled throughout the season.

What Is The Purpose Of A Football Banquet?

The primary aim of the football banquet is to bring together coaches, staff, players, parents, sponsors, and owners of the team.

It’s common for sports teams to hold a football banquet at the end of the season to celebrate the team’s performance.

Football banquets are an excellent way for the team to build team unity with everyone associated with the team, including players, staff coaches, scouts, and so forth.

If the football team had a poor season, a football banquet is also an excellent time for the players to communicate and reflect on what they can do better to improve in the upcoming season.

A football banquet isn’t complete without award presentations. During the football banquet, organizers present different awards to individuals, such as the best-performing players, coaching staff, and coaches. They may also award the parents at certain events.

Besides the prestigious awards, each player can get a pin and a letter. The speeches and team talk are the highlights of the football banquet. 

What Is The Dress Code At A Football Banquet? 

You shouldn’t wear casual clothing to a football banquet. In most cases, football banquets are formal affairs.

man in formal wear blue suit with bowtie

No matter how much you love your team jersey and rugged jeans, please don’t wear them to your football banquet. That’s a big no-no.

Your tailor can fabricate a suit or tuxedo that matches the color of your team’s jersey, crest, or badge if you wish to steal the show.

The dress code may also vary depending on the rules of the banquet you attend. At some football banquets, organizers require formal attire, but khakis and a tucked-in shirt will suffice. 

To be safe for most football banquets, dress in a button-down shirt with a tie.

There are some football banquets with informal dress codes where you can wear jeans and a T-shirt. 

What you wear matters, so before you dress up, make sure you understand the dress code.

When you are uncertain about the dress code for a football banquet, you can simply look at your invitation card to find out what it is. Most football banquets indicate the dress code on the invitation cards.

Alternatively, you can contact the players, coach, coaching staff, or anyone else who might know what the dress code is if they didn’t indicate it on the card.

What Awards Are Given Out At A Banquet?

The most common awards presented at football banquets include defensive player of the year, quarterback of the year, offensive player of the year, and MVP.


The defensive player of the year: they give this award to the player who has made the most defensive impact and had the best season. The defensive player can be a linebacker, a defensive back, or even a lineman.

Quarterback of the Year: they award the quarterback of the year to the quarterback who has made the most impact and had the best season. The quarterback can be a running back or wide receiver.

Offensive Player of the Year: the offensive lineman who displayed the highest level of performance for the entire season wins this award.

MVP offensive skill: they give the MVP offensive skill award to the most valuable offensive skill in terms of points scored per game.  

MVP offensive line: organizers give this award to the offensive line that contributed the most to the team’s success with pass creation and protection. 

Some of the other awards include:

  • Pins 
  • Medals 
  • Memorabilia
  • The coaching staff of the year
  • An award for players who made it to the all-American team 

There may also be raffles and auctions at some football banquet events. There can be a bid for tickets for the next season, with the highest bidder receiving the tickets.

Various teams use raffles or auctions to raise funds for their teams, especially when a new season is beginning. However, these auctions at football banquets are mostly just for fun

Speeches At A Football Banquet 

A football banquet can feature speeches from various speakers, including coaches, coaching staff, players, and coaches, as well as special guests such as directors or other football figures. 


On December 15, 2019, Rob Fournier, Esq, Director of Athletics, spoke at the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC) football banquet. 

The content of the speech varies. A coach’s speech focuses mainly on how the team performed during the season, and how they can improve in the future. 

If the team had a terrible season, the coach will mention it but will encourage the players to work harder in the future. 

The coach may discuss their success if they win big during the season. In his remarks, he would express gratitude to the team and staff, expressing appreciation for believing in themselves and achieving goals. 

He would also discuss how they overcame the huddle, like Rob Fournier, Esq, Director of Athletics, did in his 2019 speech. He also spoke about the players’ hard work and skillfulness in bringing things around. 

The coach doesn’t mention the players or staff by their individual names because they will know he’s referring to them.

Players, particularly those who have won awards, are likely also to speak at the event. In most cases, they thank their teammates, coaches, staff, and parents for their support in their speech. 

How Long Does a Sports Banquet Last?

The duration of a sports banquet depends on the number of speeches and awards presented. Plus, if there’s an after-party.

an event table setting

The banquet may last longer if so many speakers are on stage that day. If only a few awardees and a coach speak, the event might last for a few hours. 

Sports banquets generally last between one and two hours, with a maximum of three hours. College and professional football banquets last longer than high school banquets. 

At the college level, more activities are involved, such as speeches and invited special guests, more awards, and more speakers.


Now that you have information about a football banquet, it’s time to look out for upcoming events and never miss attending one.

We have also explored the purpose of a football banquet and what to wear to a football banquet. Check your invitation for the dress code. You should ask for the dress code if they don’t specify it in your invitation so you don’t get it wrong.

You also know what awards speeches you can expect at a football banquet, and how long a sports banquet typically lasts. So, I hope you find this article helpful.

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