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Five Must-Try Turf Tape Football

Are you a football fan or player? I would assume you’re a player or coach since you’re searching for turf tape football.

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Battle Sports Turf Tape
Nxtrnd TRF Turf Tape

You’ve seen NFL players wearing turf tape that extends from the wrist to the triceps. Well, there is a reason for wearing the tape. And you’re probably here for the same reason.

A turf tape offers protection for the legs and arms to avoid scratches whenever they land on the grass. The tape can also protect against minor cuts when players land on the ground.

If you’re looking for the best turf tape for football, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading below to find our top picks!

Best Turf Tape for Football: Top 3 Picks At a Glance

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What Is Football Turf Tape?

Before we review the best turf tapes, let’s get to know what a turf tape is?

A football turf tape is a white ribbon with an adhesive texture that sticks to the arms and legs of footballers when playing. It is sometimes called a kinesiology tape designed to offer protection to the arms and legs.

These tapes usually feature high grips that ensure they stay in pace throughout the game. A turf tape for arms offers coverage from the wrist to the triceps.

In the past, turf tapes for football were not used since players played on natural grass. However, artificial grass is sharper and rougher, hence the need for added protection. The tape helps prevent cuts from tough and rough grass.

Keep reading to learn more about the top-rated turf tapes for football.

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Five Best Turf Tape for Football

Below, I’ll review the top five best turf tapes for football on the market right now. This should help you make the right purchase decision.

Battle Sports Turf Tape  – Best Maximum Grip Turf Tape

The battle sports turf tape is a flexible turf tape that protects the skin against abrasions. Battle Sport features a flexible construction to allow for maximum mobility.

The tape comes with easy-cut materials that allow for precise application.

It is a 10 yards tape measuring 4 inches wide. This is a proven tape with maximum grip to stay in place. What’s more, the tape features an air-permeable design for excellent breathability. You can find it in a variety of colors to match your taste and preferences.

Prominent Features

Flexible construction: The turf tape features a flexible construction that ensures maximum mobility. Players can run and move easily without any restraints.

Air Permeable Design: It features an air-permeable design that allows for excellent airflow. Great breathability helps keep the skin cool and dry.

Easy-cut material: The material is pretty easy to cut. This ensures players can get a precise fitting that matches their arms and legs.


  • Easy to cut and create a precise fit
  • Allows for easy mobility due to the flexible construction
  • Latex-free hence safe
  • Pretty strong for excellent skin protection against skin abrasion


  • The material is stretchy so cater for that when measuring

Nxtrnd TRF Turf Tape – Best Superior Stick Turf tape

The Nxtrnd TRF turf tape is another exciting tape made for football. It’s a strong football arm tape with an ultra-sticky texture.

The texture creates a superior stick that ensures it doesn’t come off during games.

What’s more, the tape meets NCAA and NFHS standards. You can be sure it offers excellent protection against abrasions and turf burns.

The turf tape stands out as the easiest to use. You simply tear, stick and rub. It is a durable and stretchy material tape with a cotton and nylon blend. The material is breathable and keeps the skin cool and dry.

It’s also waterproof and stays the same all along. Overall, this is an exciting tape to help with muscle recovery and one to consider buying.

Prominent Features

Durable: The football elbow tape is durable with a cotton and nylon blend material. It can withstand falls and tackles throughout the game.

Extra-wide: It’s a pretty wide tape that will offer excellent coverage. It is a great turf tape on legs. Measuring 4 inches wide and 4 feet long, it is a tape that will meet all your needs. A single box includes one roll of tape.

Waterproof: Nxtrnd is waterproof and will stay the same throughout the game. You can also wear it on snowy and rainy days without any issues.

Ultra sticky: This is one of the few turf tapes that will not come off when playing. It boasts a superior stick that holds firmly against the skin without coming off.


  • Easy application and removal
  • Stretchy and breathable material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Waterproof


  • Lasts only four quarters, but the tape is pretty long

Sleefs Basic White Turf Tape – Most long-Lasting Turf Tape

The Sleefs Basic White turf tape is another excellent tape that can last you up to 5 games. It’s a tough tape that protects the skin against abrasions and bruises.

The size is great and suitable for adult arms and legs. In addition, the tape features a flexible 7-on-7 material that ensures optimal comfort.

Furthermore, the material is air permeable allowing for excellent airflow. This ensures increased breathability keeping the arms and legs cool and dry.

The tape is also easy to cut, therefore, allowing for precise application. Overall, this is a safe latex-free tape that measures 4 inches wide and 5.4 yards long.

Prominent Features

7 on 7 flexible material: The tape boasts a flexible material for maximum comfort. You can be sure of great comfort and excellent mobility on the field. It is a pretty comfortable tape that allows players to run freely.

Air-permeable construction: It’s a breathable material that allows for good airflow. This helps keep the skin cool and dry throughout the game.

Latex-free: Sleefs is a latex-free turf tape to use without any worries. It boasts high-quality material construction without any harmful chemicals hence safe.


  • Latex-free thus safe
  • Easy to cut and apply
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Breathable


  • Does not stick very well but does stay in place

Hampton Adams White Kinesiology Tape  – Hypoallergenic and Latex-free Turf Tape

The Hampton Adams is a two-pack kinesiology tape that’s highly trusted by physical therapists. It’s an elastic wand tape that is resistant to water and sweat.

The tape remains the same throughout the game despite the sweating. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to apply and remove. The tape adheres to the skin surface seamlessly and removes without leaving a residue.

Overall, this is a safe hypoallergenic and latex-free material to consider buying. It’s a medical-grade tape that comes highly recommended for the most sensitive skin types. It is also super sticky and stays in place throughout the game.

Prominent Features

Hypoallergenic and Latex-free: This is one of the safest turf tapes out there ideal for sensitive skin. It does not cause any allergic reaction and can be worn by kids.

Superior sticky: The tape is super sticky and will stay in place throughout the game. What’s more, it does not leave a sticky residue behind when peeling it.

Elastic and sweat-resistant: It’s an elastic and sweat-resistant tape that stays the same throughout the game. Elasticity ensures a great fit and easy mobility.


  • Easy to wear and remove
  • Elastic and sweat-resistant
  • Does not leave a residue behind
  • Superior grip


  • Tape edges lift easily, but you only need to wear them for a few hours

SB Sox Original Cotton Kinesiology Tape – Most Comfortable Turf Tape

The SB Sox cotton kinesiology tape is our final pick and a decent choice for all-day comfort. It’s a tape with premium fabric construction. The tape is lightweight, breathable, and latex-free.

In addition, it features a skin-friendly adhesive that reduces skin irritation. This is a durable and long-lasting tape that will serve you well.

Overall, this is a premium quality turf tape and one to wear with your best football gloves. It is 100% cotton and will feel comfortable throughout the day. The tape supports muscles and joints reducing tissue pressure.

Prominent Features

Premium fabric: It features a quality fabric material that is 100% cotton. The fabric is latex-free and ensures high comfort levels.

Breathable and lightweight: The tape is also breathable and extremely lightweight. It feels light on the skin and allows free air to flow. This helps keep the skin cool and dry.

Water-resistant: This is a water-resistant tape to use in all weather conditions. It stays the same throughout the game and helps support joints and muscles.


  • Easy-to-use guidelines included
  • Lightweight and breathable hence comfortable
  • Durable due to premium quality materials
  • All-day comfort


  • A few sticking issues but does work

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Reasons Why Football Players Wear Turf Tape

  • Prevent Turf Burn: Tapes can help prevent turf burns. While long sleeves and underpants can help, they are not ideal in hot weather.
  • Avoid scratches: When running, players can fall or collide and suffer scratches. Turf tapes help avoid such scratches.
  • Cover elbows and knees: Elbows and knees are important areas that suffer during falls. Duch areas need coverage to prevent bruises.

How to Apply Turf Tape Onto Your Skin

You can apply turf tape by following these simple steps

  • Measure and cut the desired turf tape length In most cases, the right size covers from the wrist to the triceps
  • Once you have a precise cut piece, peel off the application barrier. The barrier protects the medical adhesive
  • Apply the stick part of the tape on the skin while pressing for it to hold
  • The tape fits perfectly and creates a tight yet elastic feel that allows for easy movement

What Does Turf Tape Do in Football?

A football turf tape does offer protection and style for players on the pitch. The tape is worn on the arms and exposed parts of the legs to offer protection against turf burns and abrasions. 

Apart from protection, some players use the tape for style.

Why Do NFL Players Wear Turf Tape?

In the NFL, players wear turf tapes to prevent scratches and bruises when hitting the grass. Artificial grass in NFL pitches is tough and can cause burns, scratches, and bruises. Wearing the turf tapes helps protect against them.

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Does Turf Tape Stay On?

A turf tape stays on throughout the game. This is because of the medical adhesive that offers a superior grip on the skin.

What Positions Wear Turf Tape?

Almost all positions wear turf tape in football. However, the most obvious positions that would benefit from turf tape are the running backs, safeties, cornerbacks, and linebackers.

However, wide receivers and running backs wear the turf tape the most.


In the world of football sports, most people think of the best football helmet. However, there is one gear every player must not lack. This is a suitable turf tape for football. Football turf tapes help prevent burns and abrasions on the feet.

There are varieties of turf tapes on the market to consider. In my comprehensive review above, I help narrow down your choices and help you make a wise purchase decision. The tapes above are the best with good material construction, easy application, superior sticky, and excellent breathability.

Make sure you analyze them further and choose one that suits your needs.

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