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9 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

How comfortable are your soccer cleats? Having the right footwear can enhance your performance in any sport. This is even more important in a soccer game. I’ve had a problem finding the right shoes for my wide feet. Do you have issues finding the right shoes because of wide feet?

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Recommendations
Adidas Men’s Copa 20.3
Zephz Wide Traxx White/Black Soccer Cleat
New Balance Ground V1 Soccer Shoe

Soccer cleats for wide feet can be a little challenging to find. I know that because I have wide feet. It seems that some cleats are impossible to fit comfortably without pinching. After a little research, I realized most companies produce narrow soccer cleats.

Luckily for you, I’ve researched and narrowed down the best soccer cleats for wide feet. If you’re shopping for soccer cleats for wide feet, then keep reading below. You’ll see our top picks and easily find one that fits well.

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet – Our Top 3 Picks!

If you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read through the 9 reviews, then that’s not an issue. I’ve selected the three best ones that work for most people with wide feet. Check them out below and order right away.

  • Adidas Men’s Copa 20.3
  • Zephz Wide Traxx White/Black Soccer Cleat
  • New Balance Ground V1 Soccer Shoe

Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet

In this section, I’ll give a comprehensive review of the widest soccer cleats on the market. Check them out and order one that fits you.

Adidas Men’s Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe – Best Stability Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Men’s soccer shoes are our first choice pick and a great selection. These are legendary cleats that are very stable on firm ground. With Addidas being a leading cleats brand, you can be sure you’re getting the real deal.

The cleats feature a solid rubber sole for durability. They are very comfortable shoes with a shaft measuring 6-12 inches. They also feature a 0-3 inches platform.

Overall, these are premium wide cleats to seriously consider buying. The cleats feature 100% leather construction for quality and durability.

Prominent Features

Rich leather upper: A rich leather outsole ensures an incredible fit and feel. They are premium quality shoes that can withstand the test of time and offer great value for money.

Dual-density outsole: A dual-density outsole also supports great traction and ensures the cleats last for long. They are the best turf soccer shoes on the market right now.

Wide boot opening: The cleats feature a wide boot opening and can easily fit wide feet. They easily allow wide feet to slide through.


  • Great fit for wide leg
  • Durable leather construction
  • Great stability
  • Comfortable


  •  A little pricey

New Balance Ground V1 Soccer Shoe – Best Wide Feet Soccer Cleats

The New Balance Ground soccer shoes atop quality cleats that fit well. They feature 100% top creating a really nice fit. The sole is rubber and a lot sturdier than other cleats. On firm grounds, players enjoy very good stability.

What’s more, the shoes are a great fit for wide feet and feel very comfortable. These are probably the few extra wide soccer cleats you can find on Amazon. Persons with wide feet can enjoy immediate relief and play without discomfort.

Prominent Features

Good material construction: The shoes feature a quality leather upper material. The material feels nice and creates a snug fit around the feet.

Sturdy rubber sole: New Balance cleats have one of the sturdiest rubber soles. You can be sure of extended use and durability.

Excellent stability: They also provide the feet with excellent stability on firm grounds. This makes them a great choice for soccer on rough turfs.


  • Sturdy soles
  • The wide design thus fits wide feet
  • Durable due to 100% upper leather
  • Pretty stable on firm ground


  • Long arc section but cleats are very comfortable

Dream Pairs Men’s Soccer Cleats – Most Affordable Soccer Cleats

The Dreams men’s soccer cleats are an affordable choice for customers on a budget. They are warm and comfortable cleats with a memory foam insole. The insole features a soft sherpa fleece that provides the feet with a comfortable warm experience.

A further non-slip outsole makes the cleats ideal for outdoor walking and playing. The cleats feature a TPR outsole which is textured for slip resistance. Overall, this is a classic design men’s soccer cleat with a simple slip-on design. They are perfect shoes for everyday use.

Prominent Features

Thermoplastic polyurethane sole: a Thermoplastic polyurethane sole makes the cleats pretty durable. The outsole TPR is textured for flexibility and slip resistance.

Memory foam insole with fleece lining: On the inside, the cleats feature a memory foam insole and a further sherpa fleece lining. The soft fleece material lining provides warmth and optimal comfort.

Slip-on design: Lastly, the cleats feature a wide opening for easy slipping on. Persons with wide feet can easily slip the feet without struggle.


  • Easy slip-on design
  • Comfortable and warm
  • Flexible and slip-resistant
  • Decorative due to a classic Suede Moccasin


  • They get a dirty fast but are easy to clean
soccer shoes

Zephz Wide Traxx White/Black Soccer Cleat – Best Thick & Wide Soccer Cleats

Zephz soccer cleats are thick and wide cleats for persons with wide feet. The cleats are true to size and fit perfectly. They are premium cleats with a faux leather outsole. The cleats upper feature synthetic leather and look sleek. Zeph cleats fit perfectly and feel nice.

A TPU outsole offers great traction and flexibility. You also get the cleats in different color laces to match your test and preference. Overall, these are extra-wide cleats that will fit people with wide feet snugly.

Prominent Features

Faux Leather Sole: they come with a faux leather sole which is one of the sturdiest soles out there. The sole is texture and offers excellent stability on firm ground.

Synthetic Leather Upper: A synthetic upper leather provides the cleats with great looks, durability, and fit. These are sleek-looking cleats that will appear great on you.

Color Laces: Lastly, the cleats feature laces in different colors. You can choose orange, green, blue, lime green and teaberry to match your taste and preference.


  • Premium faux leather sole for traction
  • The one-piece synthetic upper leather for durability
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Sturdy TPU outsole


  • Pricey but worth it

Adidas Men’s Copa Sense 3 Soccer Shoe – Best Sleek Shoes

The Adidas Copa 3 soccer shoes for men are wide cleats for men. They are an attractive design with sleek stripes on the upper. The cleats feature a solid rubber sole and a sturdy leather upper. These are innovative cleats designed to meet the highest soccer performances.

Every design about the cleat has its deep roots in sports. While they are not the widest cleats, they can fit most wide feet. The cleats feature a super sturdy blade yet are very flexible.

Prominent Features

Sturdy rubber sole: A sturdy rubber sole makes the shoes pretty stable and solid on firm ground. Great stability is crucial especially when playing soccer.

One-piece upper construction: The upper leather features a single-piece construction. It’s elastic and ensures a super snug fit.

Tight-fitting laces: The laces create a tight fit that makes the cleats feel laceless. This is perhaps why most people call them narrow.


  • The tight and snug upper fit
  • Solid due to a one-piece construction
  • Stable on firm grounds
  • Stylish and unique


  • A little narrow but fit most feet

Diadora Men’s Capitano MD Soccer Shoes – Most Attractive Soccer Shoes

The Diadora men’s soccer shoes make another excellent addition to the list with sleek looks. They are solid shoes with a python sole and a soft upper polyurethane material.

You can be sure of excellent comfort levels due to a fixed cotton insole and shock-absorbing EVA foam.

A rubber MD outsole also offers excellent foot protection while also ensuring great durability. This is a great cleat that feels stable and offers excellent traction on firm surfaces. Overall, it is an affordable and comfortable outdoor cleat.

Prominent Features

Rubber MD Outsole: A solid rubber outsole provides the shoes with great traction on hard natural surfaces. You can participate in most sports and outdoor activities with these cleats.

Fixed cotton insole: The interior features a fixed cotton insole and a shock-absorbing EVA foam for superior comfort. It’s a comfy cleat that keeps the feet warm.

Soft upper material: Lastly, soft upper material provides a great fit for wide feet. The synthetic polyurethane material protects the feet and ensures durability.


  • Comfortable and warm interior
  • Good traction
  • Protective due to shock-absorbing EVA foam
  • Custom colors


  • A little narrow but fits most feet
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Adidas Men’s Copa 20.3 – Best Superior Traction Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Men’s Copa 20.3 is a firm ground soccer shoe to offer superior outdoor traction. It is an affordable soccer cleat, but one that offers great value for money.

The shoe comes with excellent features that you find in high-end cleats. It features a synthetic sole that provides good foot support and protection.

A wide boot opening measuring 10 inches makes it a wide soccer cleat. It is a regular fit cleat, but one that can also fit wide feet. The shoe is a decent choice with arch support of 0-6 inches.

Prominent Features

Wide boot opening: The boot features a wide boot opening that allows for seamless wearing and removal. This is a great feature for persons with wide feet.

Great arch support: A superior arch support of 0-6 inches ensures excellent foot support. The cleat feels stable on firm ground.

Quality materials: It also boasts a quality synthetic sole and 100% other fibers materials for the top.


  • Easy foot fitting
  • Attractive colors and design
  • Superior support and comfort
  • Decent protection


  • Fit is narrow but the boot opening is wide

Adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto Soccer Shoe – Most Lightweight Soccer Cleats

The Adidas Unisex-Adult Goletto is a versatile soccer cleat and a top-quality choice to consider buying. It’s a premium soccer cleat with a synthetic sole and synthetic upper material.

The cleat stands out as one of the lightest soccer shoes on the market. It feels lightweight, comfortable and offers superior grip.

It offers a firm ground play making it a suitable choice for outdoor sports. This is a unisex cleat with men’s sizing. However, women can order but size down 1 and 1.5 sizes.

Prominent Features

Unisex: This is a unisex shoe that looks great for both gender. It comes in men’s sizing but women can choose a size lower by 1 and 1.5.

Synthetic sole and uppers: It features a synthetic sole and upper material for flexibility and comfort. The materials feel light and flexible ensuring optimal comfort.

Cleated outsole: A further cleated outsole provides the shoes with superior grip. The shoes feel stable on firm ground.


  • Stable on firm grounds
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Unisex
  • Great sizing for a snug fit


  • Difficult reading sizes for women

Zephz Wide Traxx Soccer Shoe – Best True Sizing Soccer Cleats

The Zephz shoes for men are a decent wide soccer cleat to fit most feet. It is a sleek blue soccer shoe that looks great. This is a true wide soccer cleat to fit most feet.

The pair stands out as the best choice for wide feet. It features a large boot opening to allow for easy slip-on.

In addition, the shoe features a quality rubber sole and leather upper. It is a great design shoe that will fit snugly without blisters. The bright colors also make it easier for other kids to see it on the field.

Prominent Features

Bright colors: It features bright colors that allow for easy visibility. Other players and kids in the field can see it from a distance.

Wide boot opening: The shoe features a wide shoe opening that allows for easy fitting. It is a true wide shoe for wide feet.

Quality materials: Premium leather upper and rubber sole makes the shoe one of the most durable. It can withstand the test of time offering long-lasting durability.


  • Easy fitting
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Bright color thus visible


  • Run a little large but great for wide feet

How To Check if I Have a Wide Foot?

You can check if you have wide feet by measuring. This is the surest way of knowing whether you have a guide foot.


However, you can also tell that you have wide feet when foot edges meet and align flush with the footbed edges. A simple look at your feet in comparison with others might also tell you. 

However, most people never realize as long as the shoes are fitting them. You need the right shoe design as it can influence your performance in soccer.

Buying Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet: A Guide

In this section, I will discuss some of the important factors to consider when buying soccer shoes for wide feet. You can also watch this video on how to choose a soccer cleat for a player with wide feet.


Material plays a crucial role in determining durability, flexibility, and price. A leather upper is considered the best. However, leather tends to be expensive.

Nowadays, you’ll find most soccer shoes with a combination of synthetic materials and a rubber sole. Most synthetic materials imitate leather looks and last for a long making them a great choice when on a budget.


You also need to consider the shoe size and choose a fitting size. When considering size, make sure you check different manufacturer sizes.

Size in soccer shoes is important as a shoe that does not fit properly can affect performance.

Right Brand

You also need to buy from the right brand. Consider popular brands with a good reputation. Some of the top brands like Adidas, New Balance, Zephz, and much more are great options when you want quality.


Lastly, make sure you consider the insoles. Insoles hugely affect comfort. Go right ahead and choose shoes with soft insoles and a further fleece lining.

winger drill

How To Maintain Wide Soccer Cleats

You can maintain a wide soccer cleat by keeping them in good condition. Soccer cleats, just like other sportswear, can easily get damaged. Below are some maintenance tips to follow:

  • Make sure you wear your cleats on the right surface. Use the right cleats for rough turfs, outdoors, and on hard surfaces
  • Loosen the lacing system. This prolongs the lifespan of the shoe while also keeping the feet comfortable. Keep the second eyelet loose and tighten the last
  • Break-in your cleats in hand. This can be by placing a newspaper inside or wearing them for a few minutes in practice
  • Consider replacing studs in your cleats. However, this is only possible in cleats with replaceable studs
  • Buy and use cleats that match your foot type. Are soccer and football cleats the same? No, so make sure you choose a type that matches your feet.
  • Get at least two or more pairs and alternate them
  • Clean them regularly and let them dry before wearing them again.

Which Soccer Cleats Are Best for Wide Feet?

The right soccer cleats for wide feet fit without discomfort and blisters. I hope you’ve been able to select one from our exclusive list.

Personally, the Adidas Men’s Copa 20.3 is my best choice for wide feet. However, the Zephz Wide Traxx White/Black Soccer Cleat also makes a great choice for wide feet.

Take for example big soccer players like Messi and Ronaldo. What cleats does Messi wear? Messi wears the Adidas X Speedflow cleats.

How Can I Widen My Soccer Cleats?

You can widen your soccer cleats by heating them in a hairdryer, dampening them with water, and walking in them for a while. This helps stretch them out.

However, you can also stuff a newspaper inside or a shoe stretcher while in storage.

Why Are Nike Soccer Cleats So Narrow?

Nike soccer cleats are naturally narrow as the company tends to focus more on the average-to-tight ballpark.

holding the socker ball with a foot

Is Adidas Copa Good for Wide Feet?

Adidas Copa is good for wide feet as the company focuses on cleats that tend to run wide. The Adidas Copa is one of the widest soccer cleats on the market.

Should I Tightly Hug My Leg With a Pair of Cleats?

No, the shoes need to fit snugly without coming too close to the skin. This way, the cleats fit without causing blisters on your feet.

Will the Cleat Hurt My Feet?

Yes, cleats can hurt your feet if they are too narrow for your feet. When cleats fit too tight, they can cause blisters and hurt your feet.


Well, that’s it! Now you know the best soccer cleats for wide feet. and what to consider when buying one. Make sure you research the different soccer cleats carefully and choose a suitable cleat for wide feet.

Our comprehensive review narrows down your search for the best soccer cleats to 9. Go ahead and analyze them further as you choose one that suits your needs.

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