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How Many Super Bowl Wins Does Peyton Manning Have?

Peyton Manning is an NFL legend. Did you know he’s one of the only two quarterbacks to win Super Bowls with different teams? Manning is a five-time NFL MVP and amongst the best in passing yards and touchdowns.

That said, how many Super Bowl wins does Peyton Manning have? The former player has won two Super Bowls. The first one included the Indianapolis Colts at 2007’s Super Bowl XLI. The Denver Broncos’ victory in 2016’s Super Bowl 50 was his second.

These Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl wins are a testament to his talent. He has had an incredible career, and there’s no doubt he’ll go down as one of the all-time greats.

Who is Peyton Manning?

Peyton is one of the NFL’s most successful quarterbacks. He’s a surefire first-ballot Hall of Famer and one of the most decorated players in NFL history.

Manning began his football career at Isidore Newman, New Orleans. He was an All-State selection in 1993 and 1994 and won the Gatorade National Player-of-the-Year.

Afterward, Manning studied at the University of Tennessee. From 1994 through 1997, he was a member of the Tennessee Volunteers.

He was selected for the All-SEC team twice and named the 1994’s SEC Freshman of the Year. He helped lead the Volunteers to the 1997 SEC Championship and became the game’s MVP.

As a sophomore, Peyton passed for 3,287 yards with 20 touchdowns. As a junior, he made 3,819 passing yards and 36 touchdown passes. He won the Maxwell Award, among other accolades.

He decided to skip his senior season and pursue the 1998 NFL Draft, claiming the Colts’ first overall selection.

Manning began his NFL career with the Colts in 1998. He started all 16 games as a rookie and won the NFL Rookie of the Year. He continued to be the Colts’ starting quarterback for the next 14 seasons.

Manning had surgery in 2008 to cure an infected bursa sac on his left knee. The surgery caused him to miss the entire training camp.

The Colts released Manning on March 7, 2012. Two weeks later, he committed to a five-year deal with Denver Broncos.


46-year-old Peyton was born in New Orleans on 24th March 1976. He’s the child of Olivia Manning and previous NFL QB Archie Manning. From 1971 until 1982, Peyton’s father started at QB for the New Orleans Saints.

Height and Weight

The former star is six feet and five inches and weighs 230 pounds. His height and weight played a huge part in his NFL success.

silhouette of an american football athlete catching a football

Thanks to his above-average height, he had a long reach, giving him a larger margin for error when throwing the ball. Additionally, Manning’s weight allowed him to absorb hits and remain durable throughout an NFL season.


Peyton Manning’s playing position was QB. He played this position from 1998 to 2016. Manning was a seasoned player that proved vital to his teams. With five, he claims the most MVP titles by any NFL player.

NFL Teams

The former player began his NFL career in 1998 at Indianapolis Colts. He played for the Colts for 14 seasons, from 1998-2011. 

He was a five-time NFL MVP and twice led the Colts to an impressive Super Bowl, winning one in 2007. Payton got released by the Colts in 2012 and signed with Denver Broncos.

He played for the Broncos for four seasons, from 2012-2016. He won another Super Bowl with the Broncos in 2016. He retired from the NFL after the 2015 season.

Career Stats

Manning played each season with the Colts since 1998, except in 2011, due to his neck injury. After joining the Broncos in 2012, he played 16 games in all seasons except 2015 (ten). Here are his key career stats:

SeasonInterceptionsYardsPassing TouchdownsRating

How Many Super Bowls Did Peyton Manning Play In?

The Hall of Famer played four matches. He won Super Bowl XLI with the Indianapolis Colts, defeating the Chicago Bears 29-17. He also clinched the 50th Super Bowl title with the Broncos, defeating the Panthers 24-10. 

The star lost Super Bowl XLIV with the Colts to the Saints 17-31 and XLVIII with the Broncos to the Seahawks 8-43.

Manning completed 25 out of 38 for 247 yards with a touchdown in Super Bowl XLI. He won the match’s MVP honor after leading the Colts to a come-from-behind victory.

In Super Bowl 50, Manning made an interception and 13 out of 23 passes for 141 yards. While he missed out on the MVP title this time, he did win his second Super Bowl ring.

Manning completed a touchdown and 31 out of 45 passes for 333 yards in Super Bowl XLIV. However, he could not lead the Colts to a victory as they lost to the Saints 17-31.

In Super Bowl XLVIII, Manning made a touchdown plus 34 out of 49 passes for 280 yards. Still, he couldn’t lead the Broncos to a victory, as they lost to the Seattle Seahawks 43-8.

What Is Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Record?

Manning has a record of two wins and similar losses out of four appearances. He was the MVP during his first appearance in 2007. 

He helped the Colts win 11 division titles and two AFC Championships throughout his career. He’s among the league’s best in yard passes, quarterback wins, and passing touchdowns.

The Colts selected Manning first in the draft, and he began his NFL career with them. He helped turn the Colts into a perennial playoff contender, and they won the AFC Championship in 2006. 

The Colts went on to win their first appearance with Manning during Super Bowl XLI. Here’s how this went down:

The 2007 Super Bowl Score

The Indianapolis Colts lost the coin toss, which proved costly. The Chicago Bears chose to receive the opening kickoff. Rain began to pour down, making for slippery conditions.

Devin Hester of the Bears scored after returning the opening kickoff. The Colts’ offense struggled throughout the first quarter, with several turnovers. In the end, the Bears took a 14-6 lead into the second quarter.

The Colts struck first in the second quarter, trimming the Bears’ advantage to 14-9 with a field goal. They then scored a touchdown as a result of the Bears going three-and-out.

The Bears had an opportunity to score before halftime, but the Colts recovered the ball. Rex Grossman, the quarterback for the Bears, fumbled the ball, which Colts’ Raheem Brock recovered.

Despite Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri missing his field goal within seconds of the quarter’s end, the Colts still led 16-14. They commenced the second half with the ball, drove into Chicago territory, and missed a touchdown. Still, Adam Vinatieri kicked a field goal to make it 19-14.

The Bears’ offense struggled and had to punt. The Colts extended their lead to 22-14 with another field goal. However, the Bears scored a field goal, narrowing the gap to 22-17 at the third quarter’s end.

american football stadium and ball illuminated at night

As the final round commenced, the Colts were driving but had to punt. The Bears got called for holding, and their drive stalled. Rex Grossman threw an interception to Colts’ Kelvin Hayden, who returned it for a touchdown. Hence, the Colts extended their lead to 29-17.

The Bears turned the ball over on downs, and time ran out, making the Colts Super Bowl champions.

Manning’s Third and Fourth Super Bowls

After the Colts released Manning in 2012; he signed with the Broncos. Manning helped the team reach Super Bowl XLVIII in his first season with the Broncos, where the Seattle Seahawks defeated them. 

In 2015, Manning led the Broncos to a win in Super Bowl 50. Here is how Peyton Manning’s final Superbowl went down:

The game began with the Broncos scoring first, with a field goal. Carolina was unable to convert on a few plays, including a challenge. Denver scored again with a touchdown. Therefore, Carolina was down 10-0 at the end of the first quarter.

Carolina scored first in the second quarter with a touchdown. Broncos soon scored with a field goal. By halftime, the score was 13-7 in favor of the Broncos.

Carolina had a chance to score early in the third quarter but missed a field goal. Broncos scored a field goal stretching their lead to 16-7. Carolina had punted the ball five times by the third quarter’s end.

On the opening play of the quarter, Carolina got penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct. Carolina was in a fantastic field position after Ealy strip-sacked Manning then recovered the ball. The drive stalled, and Carolina settled for a field goal reducing the gap to 16-10. 

Around the four-minute mark, Newton lost his third fumble. This move led to a C.J. Anderson touchdown run and increased Broncos’ advantage to 24-10.

Manning retired from football following the Broncos’ victory in Super Bowl 50.

How Many Super Bowls Did Peyton Manning Lose?

From his four key Super Bowls, Manning lost two. In Super Bowl XLIV, Manning and the Colts lost to the New Orleans Saints 31-17. The Saints were the better team on the day. They outplayed the Colts in all three phases of the game. 

The Saints were able to take advantage of some big plays. Their first touchdown came on a play where they caught the Colts’ defense off guard.

The Colts’ offense was unable to get going. They struggled to sustain drives and could never get into a rhythm. Also, the Saints’ defense was great. They made it difficult for the Colts to move the ball and came up with some big plays when needed.

In the end, the Saints were the better team, and they deserved their Super Bowl win.

The former player also lost Super Bowl XLVIII to Seattle Seahawks with the Broncos in a 43-8 defeat. Being overlooked, the Seahawks got compelled to humiliate the Broncos. The Seahawks outcoached and out-prepared the Broncos.

In every facet of the game, the Seahawks were the superior team. The Broncos crawled through the game, recording four turnovers and four fumbles.

Below is a summary of all of Manning’s Super Bowl appearances and the outcome:

TeamsD.Colts vs C.BearsColts vs N.O.SaintsBroncos vs S.SeahawksBroncos vs C.Panthers

Peyton Manning’s Superbowl Stats

Peyton Manning has a 2-2 record. In those four games, he threw for 1,001 yards and had three touchdowns, a 77.4 passer rating, and five interceptions.

Super BowlXLIXLIVXLVIII50Average

Who Won More Super Bowls, Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

In terms of Super Bowls, both Peyton and Eli Manning have won two. However, Peyton played four games, while Eli Manning only has two. So, in terms of Super Bowl appearances, Peyton Manning has won more.

Who Is the Best Manning?

Peyton and Eli Manning have had monumental NFL careers. Both have won multiple Super Bowls and earned the MVP of the league title. However, there are some differences between the two quarterbacks.

Peyton Manning got drafted first overall by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998. He spent 14 seasons as a Colts player, winning one Super Bowl. He then played for the Broncos for four seasons, winning another Super Bowl. Peyton retired after the 2015 season.

The San Diego Chargers selected Eli Manning first overall in the 2004 NFL Draft. He then got traded to the NY Giants, where he played for his entire career. He won two Super Bowls with the Giants. Eli retired after the 2019 season.

Previously, Peyton Manning held the NFL records for most touchdown passes and throwing yards. He was a 14-time Pro Bowl selection and was named the league’s MVP five times.

Eli Manning is not as decorated as his brother, but he is still one of the most successful quarterbacks in the league. He is a double Super Bowl MVP and was named to four Pro Bowls. He also holds the record for most touchdown passes and passing yards for the Giants.

Eli Manning Super Bowl Stats

While having lesser appearances than his brother, Eli had a higher passer rating of 96.2. He had the same touchdown count, three, lesser interceptions, one, and lesser yards, 551. Considering he only played half the games Peyton did, this is impressive.

Here’s a summary of Super Bowl Eli’s stats:

Super Bowl EventXLIIXLVITotalAverage
TeamsGiants vs PatriotsGiants vs Patriots

What Is Peyton Manning’s Net Worth?

Peyton Manning is among the ten wealthiest NFL players with a net worth of $250 million. The star signed some of the most rewarding NFL contracts during his time. For instance, he made $18 million in 2011, the richest NFL contract at the time, and $19.2 million in 2012, coming in second.

Besides his football earnings, Manning has earned millions more through endorsement deals. He partnered with companies like Nike, DirecTV, and Gatorade. He also invests in several businesses, including a stake in 21 Papa John’s pizza franchises.

Manning owns a $4.575 million mansion in Denver. The residence features an elevator, a wine cellar, and seven bedrooms. He has several vintage cars, including a 1963 Chevrolet Camaro.

Manning enjoys taking his family on fancy holidays. His $220 bathing suit, which he wore while on vacation, is one of his most expensive purchases.

Peyton appeared on his own ESPN show, Peyton’s Places, starting in 2019. In the show, he speaks with former NFL players, coaches, and personnel, further adding to his wealth.


american football helmet and ball on 50 yard line

Who Has the Most Super Bowl Rings?

Tom Brady, who began his career with the New England Patriots in 2000, has the most Super Bowl rings. He has won seven Super Bowls, the most of any player in NFL history. Brady’s Patriots have also appeared in 11 Super Bowls, the most of any team in NFL history.

He is currently the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB.

Why Did Peyton Manning Quit?

One theory is that Manning was simply ready to retire after a long and successful career. Some speculate that Peyton Manning may have quit because of health concerns, as he was coming off of multiple surgeries. 

Others believed he wanted to spend more time with his family. It is also possible that Manning simply wanted to retire while still at the top of his game.

When Did Peyton Manning Retire?

From 1998-2011, Peyton Manning played for the Indianapolis Colts. Afterward, he played with the Broncos for four seasons, winning his second Super Bowl in 2016. Soon after this win, the legendary quarterback announced his retirement on March 7th, 2016.


Manning held many NFL records in his prime, like touchdown passes (539) plus AP MVP awards (five). While no longer having the most touchdown passes (currently held by Tom Brady), he maintains the latter title.

He was also the first quarterback to make multiple starts in the Super Bowl for two teams. To date, only Tom Brady boasts the same.

He holds third place in career winning percentage, passing touchdowns, and yards. Manning became the second quarterback to accumulate 70,000 passing yards in a career during a 2015 matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs.

He played 18 NFL seasons, primarily with the Indianapolis Colts. In his final four seasons, he played with the Broncos, with whom he won his sophomore Super Bowl.

Manning was the first quarterback to start a Super Bowl with two teams and the oldest quarterback to start an NFL game in his final season. He announced his retirement from professional football on March 7, 2016.

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