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What Is Kyler Murray 40 Yard Dash Time

In recent years, the NFL has seen some of the most exciting quarterbacks. One such exciting talent is Kyler Murray. He has been one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL in recent years.

Most people are unaware of the Kyler Murray 40 time despite his blazing speeds. Did he even run the 40-yard dash?

At 19 years old, Kyler ran an unofficial 40-yard dash at 4.38 seconds at a Sooners Practice in Oklahoma in 2017. But at the NFL combine and the Oklahoma Pro Day, Murray declined the 40-yard dash in his draft year.

It’s important to differentiate between official and unofficial 4-yard dash time. Official time must be recorded through electronic time at the NFL combine. It’s pretty accurate with lasers used for measuring.

Unofficial times are timed using a stopwatch. The NFL betting odds place Kyler Murray’s 40-yard dash time at 4.44 seconds. Well, the time isn’t far from his unofficial time when you consider the accuracy of the bookmakers.

The Cardinals would go on and take him as the number-best pick overall. He has had a stellar career in the NFL, winning a huge contract extension in 2022 after four seasons.

Let’s dig deep and get to know Kyler Murray better.

Who is Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray is a quarterback playing for Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League, NFL. Let’s look at his age, height and weight, position, and college career.

He remains one of the most mobile quarterbacks in the NFL. Murray is seen as a young passer who’s very comfortable in the pocket. He’s a classic quarterback, and anybody that has watched the Cardinal’s game has enjoyed some classical quarterback plays.

Murray runs the ball less with 6.1 ball carries per game. He’s a careful quarterback who has not put his team to emergency use. He averages 2.84 seconds to throw a pass. That puts him among the slowest at passing the time in the NFL.

Well, for most people, taking time or hesitating might appear to be indecisive. But for Murray, it means he has seen some opportunity downfield. He has made some improbable throws and catches in the NFL, making a worthwhile human highlight.

Born – Age

Kyler Murray is 25 years old. He was born on Aug 7, 1997, in Bedford, Texas. His birth sign is Leo.

Height and Weight 

Murray is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. He weighs 207 pounds which is the equivalent of 95kg.

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Kyler Murray is a quarterback of the Cardinals playing in the NFL. The quarterback position is part of the offensive players.

College Career

Murray did have a period at Texas A&M., but he played his college football in Oklahoma. A junior at college, Murray won the Heisman Trophy.

Following NFL 2019 draft, Murray was selected the best by the Cardinals. He played a total of 29 games in college, with his teams winning 24-5.

Out of the Texas State, Murray remains one of the most efficient passers. He had an active playing career in college from 2015 to 2018 before he got drafted into the NFL.

His short appearance in Texas A&M saw his side win 6-2 during the 2015 appearances. Playing for Oklahoma in 2017, his side won six times and lost just one. The following season he would win 12 and only lose twice.

He also set several records in college, making him one of the best quarterbacks from Texas. Murray was first in the NCAA history of efficient passing with 325-399 completions. He also had the highest single-game passing accuracy with a minimum of 15 attempts.

When did Kyler Murray get drafted?

Kyker Murray got drafted into the NFL first round in 2019. He was the first shortest quarterback to be drafted into the NFL first round. This is after Cardinal’s head coach spent the draft’s top selection on him.

After Baker Mayfield got drafted into the NFL in 2018 from the same University, Oklahoma became the first university to send two quarterbacks into the NFL in consecutive years.

Before his drafting, there were a few criticisms about him. The biggest concerns for most scouts were his personality and leadership. There was news all over saying Murray had performed poorly during interviews.

Some old teammates came to his defense. But recent shows in the NFL and the loss in the 2021 NFL playoff final kept the criticism going. There was a further off-season drama where he removed all Arizona Cardinal photos from his Instagram.

His size and playing style were also a concern, with scouts worried about the game’s durability. Most scouts believed he would take a hit due to his small size.

What NFL Team does Kyler Murray play for?

Kyler Murray plays for Arizona Cardinals in the NFL as a quarterback. He got drafted in 2019 as the best overall pick from Oklahoma University.


Murray had his initial NFL match on Sep 8, 2019, vs. Detroit, making 308 passing yards. He also had two touchdowns and an interception towards the end, with the game ending in a tie of 27-27.

Murray would then lead his team into a comeback through the fourth quarter with a clear 16-point deficit. He would become the only Cardinal rookie after jake Plummer to get two touchdowns and 300 yards.

What Is Kyler Murray’s QB Rating?

In the year 2021, Kyler Murray has a passer rating of 100.6. His stats, according to ESPN, are quite impressive despite never taking the NFL to combine 40-yard dash.

He’s entering his fourth season in the NFL with continuous improvement in different aspects of his game. In the first three seasons, he was a top-10 fantasy scorer.

Murray enjoys a completion rate of 69% and 7.9 YPA, which rank among the top 5 in the position in 2021.

In touchdowns, carries, and yardage, he was ranked fourth overall best in the 2021 season. However, there was a decline in his rushing production.

Kyler Murray NFL Stats

Kyler Murray’s NFL stats are impressive, with five touchdowns as far in the 2022 season. He ranks 15 best in touchdowns. He currently has two interceptions and ranks 5th.

He has also covered 991 pass yards ranking 15 overall.

What is Kyler Murray’s Net Worth

Kyler Murray’s estimated net worth is around $20 million as of the end of 2021. In 2019, he signed a deal worth $35 million. In addition, he got a $23 million sign-on bonus.

In 2018, he was the 9th-best overall draft in the MLB by the Oaklands Athletics. However, he declined their $4.66 million sign-on bonus.

Currently, he’s one of the best NFL quarterbacks and a lot worth now after signing a contract extension worth $230.5 million. The 4-hour independent study during game weeks in the contract has been removed.

Kyler Murray 40-yard Dash Time FAQs

How much is Kyler Murray’s rookie contract worth?

Kyler Murray’s total contract is worth $265.5 million. Out of this, a total of $160 million is guaranteed. He signed the contract in 2022 after four seasons as a rookie.

american footrball game field

Well, he’s a lot much more when you consider extra bonuses and promotions outside football.

How fast is Kyler Murray in miles per hour?

Kyler Murray runs at a top speed of 15 miles per hour. He led the NFL in reaching the top speed in the 2021 season.

Top ball carriers in the league hit the top speed on 21% of their runs. Kyler Murray hit the top speed at 71% of his attempts.

Who Is The Fastest QB in The NFL

According to the Bleacher Report, the fastest quarterback is Marcus Mariota, with a top speed of 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash. The time is based on the age-adjusted 40, where age is considered.

He runs the fastest of a quarterback crossing the gridiron at top speeds of 21.42 miles per hour and 20.35 miles per hour on a designed run.


Well, we can’t really tell how fast Kyler Murray is since he didn’t run the official 40-yard dash. What he ran was the unofficial 40-yard dash, clocking 4.38 seconds. This was a pretty fast time for a 19-yea old. It gives a pretty good idea of how fast he can run.

In the NFL combine betting odds, Kyler Murray has a 40-yard dash time of 4.44 seconds. Knowing how pretty accurate the bookmakers in Vegas are, we can conclude the 4.38 seconds isn’t far off.

Kyler Murray has gone on to have impressive stats in the NFL despite a few questions about his leadership and personality. He extended his contract with Arizona Cardinals and is now one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

There are also claims he ran 4.3 seconds in college. Whether that’s true or false, those speeds are still pretty much fast for a quarterback.

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