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How Many Points Is a Touchdown Worth in Football?

Are you a fan of American football? If yes, then you probably love the electrifying touchdowns. Good defence in football can win you Championships. However, you need a good offensive to win games.

Many are left wondering? How many points is a touchdown?

A touchdown in American football is worth six points. Touchdowns result in the highest points a team can earn with a single play. Furthermore, once a team scores a touchdown, it has the opportunity to score a few extra points through kicks. In the end, a touchdown can result in 7 or 8 points when kicks are taken.

In American football, teams can score on field goals or through touchdowns. However, field goals result in three points which shows the importance of touchdowns.

There are several ways a team can score touchdowns. This can be either by running the ball into the end zone or catching a pass in the end zone. How you score a touchdown doesn’t really matter since they all result in six points.

Scoring a touchdown is quite exciting and thrilling for fans. Keep reading as I discuss the history of touchdowns in football, how to score, why touchdowns are important and much more.

History of Touchdown Scoring

Before we get started, let’s get to understand the history of football touchdowns. In the late 1800s, you had to kick the ball through the goalposts to score as opposed to bringing the ball down in the end zone. 

If you ever wondered who invented soccer, then you might ask the same about football. American football resulted as a divergence from other sports and rugby but was shaped in the 19 century by Walter Camp.

A kick through the goalposts was 4 points while a touchdown was 2 points. However, this changed between 1909 to 1912 when a touchdown was 5 points. 

However, a touchdown would eventually become 12 points in 1912 while a kick through the goalpost remains 3 points.

This is because kicking a ball through the goalposts is considered easier. It also makes it easier for fans to follow the scores and understand the game better. So, how many points is a field goal worth? A field goal is worth 3 points while a touchdown is worth six points.

How To Score In Football

Wondering how points are scored in football? There are several ways to score in football. However, the two major ways are through touchdowns and field goals. Below is a list of ways to score in football

touchdown in football
  • Touchdowns – 6 points
  • Field goal – 3 points
  • Safety – 2 points
  • Two-point conversions – 2 points
  • Extra point – 1 point

Touchdowns remain the primary way to score most points in football. A touchdown is scored when teams advance the ball past the other team’s goal line and into the end zone.

A player must have possession of the ball and cross the plane line of the goal line for a touchdown to count. Once a team scores a touchdown, it’s given a chance for an extra one or two-point conversion.

A two-point conversion is attempted with the ball placed on the two-yard line in NFL matches and 3-yard line in college games. A player then attempts to kick the ball through the uprights. If they make it they get two points for a two-point conversion. The same applies to the extra point.

We also have the field goals when a team puts the ball through the two uprights. The ball can be put through at any time. However, attempts are only done on the fourth down and when the ball is 35 yards in the opponent’s yard line. 

Passing the ball through the uprights scores your team 3 points. You need 17 yards to the line to get the field goal length.

Lastly, you can score through safety points. A safety score occurs when a defensive player tackles an offensive player behind their goal line. The same can also be awarded when a blocked or dropped punt goes to the kicking team’s end.

Safety can also be awarded as a penalty on the offensive team as a result of holding.

How to Score a Touchdown in Football

So when is a touchdown scored flag football? And how do you score the touchdown? To score a touchdown in football, you need to run with the ball and ensure it crosses the opponent’s goal line. The only thing that needs to cross the goal line is the ball, at least part of it.

A touchdown in football is scored as long as the ball crosses the opponent’s goal line and the feet stay inbound. 

You can also score a touchdown by catching the ball in the end zone of the opponent’s goal line. However, both feet need to touch the ground as you have possession of the ball.

If you do either of the two above, then you score a touchdown and six points are awarded. 

The defence can also score a touchdown when they intercept a pass or recover a fumble. It happens when the offensive team and defensive team switch. The defence with the ball becomes the offensive and must now pass the ball past the goal line.

Why Are a Touchdown’s Six Points Worth?

You might wonder what makes a touchdown worth six points? In American football, a touchdown was 5 points from 1909 to 1912. However, it became six points from 1912. So, what makes it worth it?

A touchdown is worth six points because taking a touchdown is much more difficult than scoring field goals.

Kicking goals which is a lot easier is 3 points. So it makes sense to have a touchdown twice the points of a touchdown.

Again, six points are easy to understand for the fans. 

Examples of Scoring a Touchdown in Football

There are many examples of scoring a touchdown in football. 

A good example is a passing touchdown which is a popular team play. A passing touchdown occurs when a quarterback (QB) throws the ball to a wide receiver.

The wide receiver will catch the ball and run to the end zone, or catch the ball at the end zone and score a touchdown.

You only need the wide receiver catching the ball two feet from the end zone. The team scores 6 points


We also have a defensive touchdown where defensive players intercept the ball and bring the ball down to the end zone to score. The player can also recover a fumble and bring the ball down in the end zone.

For teams that run on the goal line, a QB touchdown is a popular way to score. Here, a QB will get the ball and power through to the end zone. He can also get the ball past the goal line and secure it, scoring the team 6 points.

Our final example is touchback in football when the QB hands the ball to a running back during a game. The QB can hand off the ball directly or pitch it to the running back. If the back crosses the goal line mark and secures the ball, they score 6 points.

How Does the Referee Announce a Touchdown?

The referee announces a touchdown by throwing their two arms in the air. It’s a signal that shows a touchdown has been scored with the arms appearing more like the goal post.

How Do Extra Points In Football Work?

Extra points in football occur after a touchdown. It’s more like a reward where the team is allowed to earn extra points. In extra points, a team gets to attempt a field goal.

This is done by a 2-point conversion on the 2-yard line. The team that scored a touchdown will try to put the ball through the upright using a kicker for one point.

They can also do a 2-point attempt by lining up then running and passing the ball. An extra point is easy to achieve through a kick. However, teams can attempt 2 points by running a fake play and trying to catch the defence off guard.

If they manage to run and pass the ball from a fake kicking formation into the end zone, then they earn two points. While this is a great way to earn two points, most teams prefer the kick for an additional 1 point.

What Does a Football Two-Point Conversion Mean?

A two-point conversion in football means the team has scored a touchdown and has the opportunity for two points by playing the ball across the goal line. After a touchdown, teams are awarded either a kick for an extra point or a two-point conversion.

For a two-point conversion, it means the coach has kept his offence on the field and opted against kicking for an extra point. 

running football player

The ball is usually placed on the two-yard line. The offence then has the chance to put the ball across the goal line by running and passing from a fake formation.

If the team gets the ball into the end zone the same way a touchdown is scored, two points are converted.

However, a two-point conversion is risky and most teams opt to kick for an additional point. If not careful, the opposing defence can fumble the ball and return the opposite way earning two points instead.

Whether you score or miss from a two-point conversion, the team that attempted must kick off the game in the opposite direction.

Are the Points in College Football the Same as the NFL?

The points in NFL college football and NFL football are the same. A touchdown in the NFL is worth six points while a touchdown in college football is worth six points.

The point breakdown in the NFL and college football is the same for touchdowns and field goals. A safety is worth two points both in college football and NFL.

The same applies to field goals where teams earn three points. However, for the NFL, you need two feet in the end zone to catch the ball while in college football you need one foot.

Are the Points in the NFL the Same in High School Games?

The same still applies. Points in the NFL are the same as in high school football games. A touchdown gives 6 points, field goals give three points and safety gives 2 points for both NFL and high school football.

Can a Player Celebrate a Touchdown?

Yes, a player can celebrate a touchdown.

The rule on the celebration was cracked in 2006 when the NFL put rules to stop over the celebration. The top celebration would attract a 15-yard penalty.

However, the rule was very unpopular and a change was made in 2017 that allowed touchdown celebrations. Limits were put that prevented players from taunting other teams after a score or celebrations that created massive delays in the game.

So, celebrations are allowed after a touchdown. A popular celebration in the NFL is spiking the ball in the end zone. You can also celebrate by creating something fun, taking a fake photo, dancing, and much more.

football players

Is a Touchdown 7 Points?

No, a touchdown is worth 6 points. However, the scoring team is awarded an opportunity for an extra point through a kick or two points conversion.

Practically, a touchdown is 6 points. However, you can earn an extra 1 point if you convert the kick or two points if you attempt the two-point conversion and score.

Most teams opt for the kick since it’s easy and most teams always convert the additional point.

Is a Touchdown 5 Points?

No, a touchdown in football is 6 points.

The rule of 5 points for a touchdown was from 1909-1912 when American football touchdowns were 5 points.

However, in 1912, a touchdown became six points and remains so up to now. So, a touchdown cannot be 5 points.

Can You Score 8 Points in Football?

Yes, you can score 8 points in football.

If a team scores a touchdown and gets six points, then they are awarded extra points. A team can opt for a two-point conversion and if they score, they can add 2 more points giving a total of 8 points.

However, you cannot score 8 points in football at once. You must first score a touchdown and then convert a 2-point conversion to get 8 points.

You can also score 7 points if you attempt the kick and score. This is what most teams go for with conversions very high.

How Do You Score 2 Points in Football?

You can score 2 points in football through safeties and two-point conversion.

Safeties happen when an offensive team sends the ball into the defending team’s end zone and the ball becomes dead. It can also be awarded when an offensive team commits a penalty.

You can also get two points after a touchdown if you opt to go for a two-point conversion instead of a kick.

However, most teams for a kick that gives one point because it’s easy to convert. Teams only go for the two-point conversion when they need the points.


Well, that wraps everything from me! So, how many points is a touchdown worth in football? A touchdown in football is worth six points. It is the most popular way to score in football and teams always aim to get a touchdown.

What’s more, extra points can be earned after a touchdown. Teams can attempt a kick through the goalposts for one point or try the two-point conversion for two points.

The points scored in the NFL are the same as in college and high school. A slight change is that in the NFL you need both feet to stay inbound when you receive the ball while in college you can receive with one foot inbounds.

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