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11 Best Football Visor To Try

The best football visor is an essential component of a football helmet. Football players wear a helmet for protection on the pitch. Helmets offer excellent protection during collisions. However, there is an essential part of the helmet that people forget. Visors!

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When playing football, you can have trouble with eye pokes and dirt flying around. On a sunny day, you’ll also have issues with glare. However, football visors come in and play a crucial role in protection. That’s the reason why football players why visors.

For players, the challenge comes in selecting the best football visor.

There is a wide range of visors to choose from which can be confusing. From polarized football visors to shoc visors, choosing the best is not easy. Luckily for you, this is where we come and provide a comprehensive review of the top-rated visors.

Keep reading below as you narrow down your search for a suitable visor in football.

Best Football Visor: Top 3 Choices Side-by-Side

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What Is a Football Visor?

But first, let’s know what a football visor is?

A football visor in football is a small curved plastic that attaches to the helmet on the mask section, covering the eyes. However, the visors are not just simple plastic.

Football visors feature enhanced shields that offer excellent eye protection. The shields are made by injecting and molding impact-resistant materials that resist abrasion.

Since the visors are used professionally by players in the NFL, they meet ASTM and CE standards.

Visors cover the eyes and protect them from pokes and blows during a match. Some of the best football visors made to the highest standards can withstand blows and kicks.

11 Best Football Visor – Our Top Picks!

In the review below, I aim to guide you in choosing a suitable football visor. I’ll cover the 11 best football visors and help you make an informed purchase decision.

#1 – Sleefs Bifrost Rainbow Football Visor –  Best Universal Football Visor

The Sleefs Bifrost visor is our first choice and a great pick with a simple attachment system. It features two universal clips for quick and easy attachment and removal.

The visor is pretty strong and scratch-resistant. It boasts a scratch-proof and an anti-fog coating for the best clarity in all conditions.

You also get a microfiber pouch to protect it from scratches. It is a universal visor that fits most people. Sleefs visor fits both youth and adult sizes.

By far, this is the best football visor to protect against the sun’s glare and under lights. Overall, this is an athletic performance football visor to seriously consider buying.

Prominent Features

Universal fit: The visor features a universal design and can fit the most popular helmets. It can easily fit both adult and youth sizes. However, some adjustments are needed for small size helmets.

Scratch-proof and anti-fog coating: This is an impact-resistant resistant visor with a coating that resists fog and scratches. The anti-fog coating ensures great clarity and durability.

Easy attachment systems: It features a universal 2-clip system that allows for easy attachment and removal. You can remove it pretty fast even in mid-game and attach it back easily.


  • Reduces the annoying glare of the sun
  • Numerous styles and sizes for men and women
  • The impact-resistant coating thus durable and protective
  • Easy attachment and removal


  • Lacks instructions on how to install it, but the design is simple

wearing football helmet with visor

#2 – Oakley Legacy Adult Football Visor – Most Versatile Football Visor

The Oakley Legacy is an in-game on-field approved visor that works with most helmets. It is a quality visor made of a proprietary synthetic material (Oakley PLUTONITE) which is extremely durable.

It is one of the best-tinted football visors that offers 100% protection from UVC, UVB, UVA, and harmful blue light.

In addition, the visor features a patented high definition optic (HDO) for razor-sharp vision and high clarity. You can be sure of eliminating any distortion at any angle.

There is a further AFR lens treatment coating for improved scratch resistance and anti-fog performance. The visor molding features a unique curvature shape that allows for great vision from all angles. This also optimizes the peripheral view.

Prominent Features

Proprietary synthetic material: It boasts a proprietary synthetic material made of Oakley Plutonite for optimal protection. The material sets a new standard for durability while also ensuring 100% protection from the sun’s rays.

High Definition Optics: The patented HDO provides the visors with high clarity in all conditions. Players get to enjoy razor-sharp views from every angle. They also help eliminate any shield distortion.

AFR lens treatment coating: The anti-fog coating ensures good clarity in all weather conditions. It also helps improve the resistance to scratches.


  • High-clarity and razor-sharp vision at every angle
  • Protects against glare and UV light
  • Great vision in all conditions due to the anti-fog coating
  • Eliminates shield distortion


  • A little difficult to set up, but works

#3 – Charismatic Football Visor – Best UV and Anti-fog Protection Football Visor

Charismatic football is a visor football’s top pick with exciting features. The visor comes with anti-fog and UV protection due to high-definition optics. It ensures high clarity and parents and players love it.

The high-impact polycarbonate makes it scratch-resistant and durable. You can be sure of great protection of your eyes from pokes.

What’s more, the visor features a universal design that fits most helmets. It easily attaches to football helmets of all sizes. Overall, this is a proven visor approved for high school and youth football.

It also comes with visor clips, a soft cleaning cloth, and screws for immediate use.

Prominent Features

Anti-fog and UV protection: This is a high-definition optic with a lens treatment to block UV light. It also ensures good clarity in fog conditions. The visor is pretty clear, making players love it.

Universal Fit: It is a universal visor that easily attaches to kids, adults, and youth helmets. You can easily fit on a wide range of helmets on the market.

Scratch-resistant: The visor resists scratches making it extremely durable. It features a high-impact polycarbonate that is more durable than most football accessories.


  • Great fit on all helmet sizes
  • Good durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Great clarity


  • None

#4 – Sleefs Borealis Football Visor – Best Colored Football Visor

The Sleefs Borealis is a top-quality football visor to consider buying. If you’re looking for colored visors for football helmets, then consider it. It is a simple design with a two-clip system for easy attachment and removal.

The visor also features a solid polycarbonate material for excellent impact resistance. There is a further anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating to ensure optimal clarity.

Sleefs visor will offer you great protection from eye pokes, harmful UV rays, and blue light. It is a premium visor for athletic performances and cool looks. There are also several designs and sizes.

Prominent Features

Two-clip system: Visors feature a two-clip system that allows for easy attachment and removal. You can easily and quickly remove and fix back the visors even in mid-game.

Optical polycarbonate material: It is an impact-resistant visor with a strong polycarbonate optical material. The material is 100% scratch-proof for extra endurance.

UV rays and blue light blockage: Sleefs visors provide an excellent eye shield with 100% blockage of harmful UV rays and blue light.


  • Extra-endurance due to strong polycarbonate material
  • Eliminates annoying glare
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Durable for excellent impact-resistance


  • A bit pricey but worth it

#5 – Schutt Sports Football Helmet Visor – Best Clarity Football Visor

The Schutt sports helmet visor is a clear color helmet for excellent clarity. This is an impact-resistant visor that can withstand cracking and chipping. It features an injected molded construction featuring the high-impact polycarbonate material for durability.

In addition, the visor provides optimal clarity from all angles. It is a premium visor with zero distortion. What’s more, the visor is versatile and fits all Schutt and other top brand helmets in football.

Prominent Features

Two-clip attachment: It features two clips that allow for easy and quick attachment to helmets. Additionally, the clips allow for quick removal, saving time during matches.

Universal design: Schutt is a universal design visor that fits all Schutt helmets. In addition, it also fits major helmet brands in football.

High-impact polycarbonate: It is a solid and durable visor with high-impact resistance polycarbonate. You can be sure the visor can withstand falls and scratches, therefore, protecting the eyes from pokes.


  • Withstands cracking and chipping
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Versatile design that fits most helmets
  • Optimal clarity


  • Does not fit all helmets brands but fits top brands

young football player

#6 – Barnett Revo Blue Football Eyeshield Visor – Most Durable Football Visor

The Barnett football visor stands out as a clear and quality visor that offers excellent protection in football.

It is a universal fit visor that fits both adult and youth size helmets. The visor also comes with an anti-fog and UV coating for added protection and clarity.

This is a premium football visor with guaranteed quality. You’ll be buying a visor that guarantees good clarity and durability. The visor is also easy to attach with a simple 2-clip attachment system.

Prominent Features

Two clip-system: It boasts a simple two-clip system. The system allows for fast and easy attachments to helmets. You can also remove the visor with ease.

Fog and UV coating: It features a fog and UV coating for enhanced clarity and protection. You can see even in foggy conditions. In addition, the coating helps block harmful UV rays on sunny days.

Universal fit: This is a universal fit football visor that fits both adult and child-size football helmets. 


  • Fits most helmets for adults and youth
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Enhanced clarity and protection
  • Great looking


  • A little difficult lining up in a speed flex but does fit

#7 – Sports Unlimited Universal Football Visor – Best Darkest Football Visor

Sports Unlimited is a universal football visor with a no-tab design. It is a widely compatible visor that fits most football helmets.

In addition, it fits Schutt helmets with Riddel SpeedFlex and twist-release bumpers. By far, this is the best darkest football visor on the market right now.

It also features an anti-fog coating to prevent clarity issues in bad weather. You can see clearly in fog conditions.

There is a further special anti-scratch resistance that prevents any damage from scratches. Overall, this is a valuable visor pack of 5 that will meet all your football playing needs.

Prominent Features

Anti-fog coating: The visor stands out due to its quality anti-fog coating that ensures clarity in bad weather. Players can see without any vision issues in foggy conditions.

No tab design: It boasts a not-tab design that is widely compatible with most football helmets. Additionally, the visor fits Schutt helmets with a Riddel SpeedFlex and twists release bumpers.

Five sticker packs: There are a total of 5 sticker packs that allow for customization. In addition, you also get 50 emojis and player numbers.


  • Excellent customization features
  • Great clarity even in fog conditions
  • Widely compatible with most helmets
  • Durable due to a scratch-resistant material


  • The top visor cutout is a bit too narrow for small helmets

#8 – Elitetek Clear Vision Football Visor – Most Impact-resistant Football Visor

The Elite Tek Clear Vision is a high-quality football visor with exciting features. It’s a premium visor with durable and impact-resistant polycarbonate injection mold.

The unique mold-engineered design ensures it can withstand cracking and breaks. This is a sage league-approved football visor that meets a wide range of needs.

What’s more, the visor features a universal fit and can fit all helmet sizes. There is a further 2-clip system that allows for easy attachment and removal. Overall, this is an impact, scratch, and fog-resistant football visor. It offers UV protection and eliminates glare.

Prominent Features

Impact, fog, and scratch-resistant: The visor is made of a thick 3mm polycarbonate plastic that offers excellent impact resistance. It also blocks UV rays and prevents annoying glare.

2-clip system: It features a 2-clip system for easy and quick attachments. The visor is also universal and can fit a wide range of helmets.

Durable polycarbonate injection: A durable polycarbonate injection offers excellent impact-resistant for optimal protection. The visor can resist breakages and chips from knocks and falls.


  • Zero fog
  • Sleek design and good quality
  • Crystal clear vision
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Installation is not easy, but not overly complicated

#9 – Barnett Clear Football Visor – Best Fog Conditions Football Visor

The Barnett Clear is a great quality football visor. It is a great selection on the list with quality guaranteed. The visor ensures clarity and durability in all conditions. It features anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings.

The fog coating ensures great clarity in fog conditions. The visor also reduces glare and controls light intensity reaching the eyes.

This is a universal fit football visor that fits both adult and youth helmet sizes. There is a further two-clip system for easy attachment and removal. Overall, the helmet visor is approved by high school, CIF, and youth leagues. 

Prominent Features

UV & Fog coating: UV & anti-fog coating makes the visor crystal clear and protective. It blocks harmful UV rays while enhancing clarity in bad weather. It also controls light intensity and eliminates glare.

Universal fit: The visor fits most helmets of adult and youth sizes. It is a universal fit with a two-clip system that attaches and removes easily.

Scratch-resistant: This is a high-impact visor that can resist scratches. It is a durable choice visor that is long-lasting.


  • Excellent clarity and durability
  • Fast and easy attachment and removal
  • Reduces glare and controls light intensity
  • Better quality


  • A little difficult attaching to the Riddel helmet

NFL player

#10 – GY American Football Visor – Best High-Impact Polycarbonate Football Visor

The GY American visor is one of the simplest football visors to install. It is a universal fit that attaches to all helmet sizes. The visor fits adult and youth helmets with ease.

However, you need some adjustments to fit smaller helmets. It also comes with an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating for clarity and durability. This is a high-impact polycarbonate visor that will last for years to come.

Attachment and removal are seamless through a two-clip system. Overall, this is a premium visor that guarantees eye protection. The package includes a microfiber cloth bag and cleaning cloth for easy cleaning and storage.

Prominent Features

Two-clip system: The two-clip system allows for easy and quick attachment. It also supports the easy removal of the visor from the helmet.

Anti-fog and scratch-resistant: It features an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating that enhances clarity while making the visor durable. You’ll be buying a durable and long-lasting visor.

Eye shield: It is a protective visor with an excellent eye shield. The helmet reduces the annoying glare and cuts the light intensity.


  • Universal fit
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Eliminates glare and controls light intensity
  • Provides clear vision


  • Lacks screws but is easy to install

#11 – GY Football Sun Visor – Best For Adult and Youth Sizes

The GY Sun football visor is my final pick and an excellent choice with a universal fit. It is a versatile helmet that fits adult and youth helmet sizes. This is a two-clip system visor that attaches easily and quickly.

The helmet is pretty strong and won’t scratch on impact in the field. It features a scratch-proof coating that ensures durability.

The visor stands out when you want eye protection, glare elimination, and great vision. It comes with a microfiber cloth bag and cleaning cloth for easy cleaning and maintenance. The visor also offers excellent light intensity control.

Prominent Features

Impact-resistant: This is an impact-resistant visor that won’t scratch on collisions. It boasts an anti-scratch coating that offers long-lasting use.

Two-clip system: The two-clip system offers a seamless attachment and removal process. It is a universal fit that fits most helmets.

Great eye shield: The visor offers one of the best eye shields reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays. It is strong and physically protects the eyes from pokes.


  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Solid for great physical protection
  • Reduces glare and harmful UV rays
  • Universal fit


  •  A little pricey

How To Clean a Football Visor

Just like any sports gear, football visors get dirt. You need to clean them regularly.

During games, you can clean the helmet visor by wiping it using a damp cloth. This is usually done by the management.

However, players need to clean visors on their own. Here are the steps on the best way to clean a football visor.

  1. Have a bucket of clean soapy water and a cloth or sponge
  2. Hold the helmet on the backside and over the bucket
  3. Soak the sponge in the water and gently scrub the visor to loosen the dirt
  4. Immerse the cloth and wash the inside of the visor
  5. Now change the water and rinse the damp cloth or sponge
  6. Wring the cloth over the visor on both sides
  7. Rinse the cloth in warm water and wring the surfaces again
  8. Finish off by drying the surface using dry cotton. Hold the cotton and use your fingers to dry along the edges.

What Does a Visor Do in Football?

A football visor in football helps protect the eye from pokes, dirt, and flying objects causing injury to the eyes. They also help reduce glare, block harmful UV rays and control light intensity. 

Are Football Visors Legal?

Football visors are legal and allowed in football. However, the tinted visors are allowed with very few players and in cases of a rare medical condition. Clear vision visors are the standard for on-field NFL matches.

football player tucking the ball under his arm

Why Are Tinted Visors Illegal in Football?

Tinted visors are illegal in football as the NFL thinks they offer an unfair advantage to other players without a full tint. A tinted football visor prevents other players from knowing where they are exactly looking.

This makes it difficult for other players to anticipate and react to their next move.

Is a Visor Good in Football?

Without a doubt, a visor is good in football. A football visor offers protection to the eyes from physical items and pokes. It also reduces glare and controls light intensity.

However, tinted visors are not considered good since they offer an unfair advantage to the players.


Well, that’s it from me! Now you know the best football visors to try. Make sure you do further research and analyze our top picks further. You can then go ahead and choose one that best suits your needs.

Football visors are crucial for protection in a football game. You can easily avoid injuries from opposing players poking your eyes or dirt flying into your eyes. Go ahead and pick one of these amazing football visors today!

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