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What Is Elijah Moore 40-Yard Dash Time

Elijah Moore is one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, playing for the New York Jets. He stands out with the ability to beat defenders deep. He played college football at Ole Miss University before being drafted in 2021 as the 34th overall pick by the New York Jets.

His amazing speed leaves many wondering about his 40-yard dash time. So, what is Elijah Moore 40 time?

Moore wasn’t able to run the official 40-yard dash time due to the pandemic in 2021. However, on the Ole Miss Pro day, Elijah Moore ran an unofficial 40-yard dash time of 4.32 seconds.

So currently, Moore doesn’t have an official 40-yard time. Official 40-time is run by the NFL and features electronic timing for accuracy. The unofficial 40-time involved use of stopwatches by scouts.

However, his unofficial 40-time is pretty fast compared to other top recruits of the 2022 class. Top recruits like Garret Wilson recorded 4.38 seconds, while Treylon Burks recorded 4.55 seconds.

Who is Elijah Moore

Let’s take a closer look and get to understand Elijah Moore. He’s currently one of the best at the wide receiver position.

Born / Age

Elijah Moore is 22 years. He was born on March 3rd, 2000, in Sunrise, Florida. He’s an African American and one of the best young wide receivers.

Height and Weight 

Elijah Moore weighs 178lbs which is equal to 87kg. He stands 5 feet and 10 inches tall, which is equivalent to 1.78 meters.


Moore plays as a wide receiver for the New York Jets. It’s a wideout position in gridiron football which is also called a flanker or split end.

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High School Football Career

Moore’s high school career started at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. At high school, Moore caught 28 passes and five touchdowns for 407 yards.

Moore was a 4-star recruit and originally committed to play college football at Georgia. That’s after getting over 33 scholarships. However, in his senior year, Moore changed his mind, committing to play for Ole Miss.

College Football Career

In college, he was a true freshman catching 36 passes for 398 yards and two touchdowns. He had 67 receptions and 850 receiving yards as a sophomore for the Rebels scoring six touchdowns.

He had major misconduct in the Egg Bowl in 2019, pretending to be a dog urinating after a touchdown. He was penalized with a 20-yard extra point attempt going to 35 yards. Ole Miss lost the game 21-20.

He would set a new record for receiving yards before finishing the season with 86 receptions and 1,193 yards. Moore was drafted in 2021 by the New York Jets at 34th overall in the second round.

Where Did Elijah Moore Get Drafted?

Elijah Moore was drafted in the 2021 second round as one of the 34 picks by the New York Jets.

Before he was drafted, Moore was the consensus All-American and first-team All-SEC.

What NFL Teams do Derrick Henry play for?

Derrick Lamar Henry, born in 1994, plays for the Tennessee Titans in the National Football League, NFL. The Titans are a professional football team in Nashville.

What are Elijah Moore’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Elijah Moore, just like other NFL drafts, has some strengths and weaknesses. Now that Moore is in the NFL, let’s look at some of these strengths and weaknesses.

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His ability to run routes remains one of his biggest strengths. Over the seasons in the NFL, Moore has become better at running routes. This is something that he was pretty good at back in college.

Many of the routes Moore runs in the NFL are shorter as he spends more time in the slot. He has shown great ability to separate from defenders.

Secondly, Moore has a great ability to consistently catch the ball and hold it. Not every wide receiver that catches the ball holds into it. This is something that sets Moore apart.

Despite his small size, Moore has shown great strength to take hits and hold into the ball. It’s a great plus for the team to know a receiver will hold into the ball even after being hit.

Lastly, scouts liked the fact that Moore would run all three-level routes. He can run short, intermediate, and deep, giving defenders nightmares.

This simply means he can also make catches from any position in the field. While he primarily catches short passes, he has done the same downfield.

The biggest weakness as a slot receiver was the undersized frame. Remember, the slot position is the smallest on the field. So it does raise concerns when Moore is undersized for the slot.

A small frame limits his catch radius and reduces his physicality for the game. But he has proved that he remains effective from the slot position over the seasons.

Elijah Moore NFL Stats

With just two seasons in the NFL, Elijah had more than five touchdowns, 730 yards, 58 receptions, seven rushing attempts, 15 games played, and ten games started.

He also boasts a 12.6 average carry per yard and 62 longest interception return.

What was Elijah Moore’s 40-Yard Dash Time?

Elijah Moore’s 40-yard dash time is the unofficial 4.32 seconds he runs at the Ole Miss Pro Day. Moore doesn’t have an official 40-yard time as the NFL 2021 combine was called off due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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What is Elijah Moore’s Net Worth

Elijah Moore’s net worth is estimated to be over $3.5 million. He recently signed a contract with the New York Jets worth $ 8.94 million. Considering his relatively young age, we expect his net worth to keep growing.

Elijah Moore 40-Yard Dash Time FAQs

Is Elijah Moore Fast?

Elijah Moore is quite fast despite not having an official 40-yard dash time. However, he showed his speed in the unofficial 40-yard time at Ole Miss hitting 4.32 seconds.

He has also shown the same in the few games he has played in the NFL for the Jets.

What Number Is Elijah Moore On The Jets?

Elijah Moore is jersey number eight on the New York Jets. He plays as a wide receiver and has had two seasons with the Jets.

How Long Has Elijah Moore Been in the NFL?

Elijah Moore is currently in his second year in the NFL. He was drafted in the second round on July 21st, 2021, as the 34th best overall. Moore then signed a 4-year contract with the Jets entering his rookie season as a wide receiver.


Elijah Moore doesn’t have an official 40-yard dash time. However, he remains one of the fastest wide receivers to join the NFL. Moore ran an unofficial 40-yard dash of 4.32 seconds while at Ole Miss. He got drafted into the NFL on July 2021 and signed a 4-year contract with the New York Jets.

He has had a lot of adjusting in the 2021 season, but a lot is expected of him in his second year. The Jets quarterback Zach Wilson will have a lot on how many improvements we expect from Moore. But his stats are pretty okay, considering he suffered a concussion on week three and a quad strain on week 13.

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