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Everything About Eight-Man Football

Have you ever thought of football based on the number of players on the pitch? I used to know about the 11-man football, and upon learning 8 man football, I found it very interesting.

Eight man football is a gridiron football game played with eight players on each side of the field. This game gets played on a smaller field than 11-man football, and each team has one fewer player on the field at all times.

Eight-man football gets played with the same basic rules as 11-man football. The main difference is that only eight players are on each side of the ball. This alters the game in a few key ways. First, the field is smaller. This means there is less room to run, and the players must be more strategic in their play-calling.

Second, because there are fewer players, each player must play both offense and defense. This means that players must be in good shape, as they will be running back and forth across the field for the entire game. 

Keep reading as i take you through the eight man football.

What Is an Eight-Man Football?

Eight-man football is a shortened version of the traditional 11-man game. It is typically played by smaller schools that do not have enough players to field an entire squad or by schools in rural areas where football is not as popular as in other parts of the country.

Eight-man football in the football gap numbers gets played on a smaller field, with each team having only eight players simultaneously. The usual positions are still used, although some teams may use a different alignment. Because there are fewer players, the game is generally less physical than 11-man football.

The main goal of eight-man football is to score more points than the other team. There are still four quarters in a game, but each team gets only four downs to move the ball instead of the usual three. The team that scores the highest points in each quarter wins the game.

How Does Eight-Man Football Work?

The game gets played with eight players on each side, divided into two teams of four. Each team has a quarterback, two running backs, and a wide receiver. There are also two linemen on each team, a center, and a guard. 

high school football match players in blue and white jersey

The game gets played on a smaller field, with fewer players on each team, so the game is faster and has more space to run. With your best flag football cleats on, you can enjoy the 8 man football play.

Playing Field

8 man football field dimensions playing field is 50 yards wide and 100 yards long, with two end zones, each 25 yards deep. The sidelines get lined with hash marks, which are five yards apart.

Despite having fewer players, eight-man football is just as exciting and physical as the 11-player game. The reduced number of players means more space on the field, and the play often unfolds more quickly. This can make for a more open and attacking style of play, with more opportunities for big plays.

Despite the reduced number of players, eight-man football still requires a high level of skill and fitness. The players must be able to think and move quickly, and they must be able to make tackles in space.


In eight-man football, fewer players are on the field than in traditional 11-man football. The eight players on each team have three groups: the linemen, the backs, and the quarterback. The linemen are the players who line up on the line of scrimmage.

They include the center, the two guards, and the two tackles. The backs are the players who line up behind the linemen. They include the fullback and the halfbacks.

The quarterback is the player who lines up behind the center. The quarterback is the offense leader and is responsible for calling the plays. The other seven players on offense are responsible for executing the plays.

Eight-man football is a faster and more wide-open game than 11-man football. There is more space on the field, and the game gets geared more toward the passing game. 

Because fewer players are on the field, each player has to be more versatile. The linemen must be able to run and block, and the backs must be able to run, catch, and block.

Eight-man football is a popular option for high schools with small enrollments. It allows these schools to field a competitive football team without worrying about having enough players. It also allows players to play multiple positions and be more involved.


In eight-man football, there are no offside or neutral zone infractions. This means that the offensive team can have all eight players on the same side of the field, and the defensive team can have all eight players on the same side. 

football teams at the start of a football match

This can make for a fascinating and fast-paced game. Another difference is that, due to the shorter field, the goalposts are only 10 yards apart instead of 18 yards apart. 

This can make it more challenging for the kickers but also make for more exciting games.


The scoring in eight-man football is the same as in traditional football. A touchdown equals six points, a field goal is three points, and a safety is two points.

The main difference is that there are only eight players on the field, so the game is generally more wide-open, and there is more room to run. This can make for a more exciting and higher-scoring game than traditional football.


Penalties in 8-man football are similar to traditional football, but some differences exist. For example, in 8-man football, the penalty for a personal foul is typically more severe than in traditional football. This is because there are fewer players, so each player is more valuable.

FAQS-Your Top Questions Answered

Is There a Mercy Rule in 8-Man football?

Yes, the mercy rules in 8-man football include the following:

The trailing team’s head coach may ask the referee for a running clock if one team leads by 35 points or above after the second quarter.

However, the running clock will get used if the score differential is 35 points or above after the third quarter or at any other time.

When the running clock starts, it continues to run unless a team or referee takes a timeout, an injury occurs, a player receives a penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior, a team scores, or a quarter is in between.

Can the Quarterback Run In 8-Man Football?

Yes, the quarterback can run in 8-man football. Many quarterbacks are very successful runners in this type of football. Some of the best quarterbacks in 8-man football are also some of the best runners. 

quarterback throwing the football

This is because they can take advantage of the open field and make plays with their feet. Additionally, they are often able to find holes in the defense and run for significant gains.

Are Safeties Used in 8-Man football?

Yes, safeties get used in 8-man Football. They are typically used to help prevent big plays and to defend against the run. There are typically two safeties in 8-man football, but they can get used in various ways. 

For example, they may get used as extra defenders in the box, or they may get used as deep defenders to help defend against the pass.

How Many Quarters Are There in an 8-Man Football Game?

In 8-man football, each team has four quarters to score points. The game starts with a kickoff, and the team with the ball tries to score a touchdown by getting the ball into the end zone. 

The other team tries to stop them by tackles, interceptions or forcing a turnover. The team that scores the highest points in the four quarters wins the game.


For many people, eight-man football is a little bit of a mystery. It’s not as widely known or played as eleven-man football, so there can be a lot of confusion about the rules and strategy involved. Eight-man football is a modified version of eleven-man football played on a smaller field with fewer players.

There are distinctions between the two versions of the game. Firstly, the field is smaller in eight-man football. This means that plays happen much faster, and there is less room for error. Secondly, there are only eight players on each team, so there are fewer positional options, and players have to be more versatile.

Eight-man football is a fast-paced and exciting game that has continued to grow in popularity in recent years. The sport is perfect for schools with smaller enrollments, as it allows all students to compete.

With a little effort, you can start an eight-man football team at your school and provide your students an excellent opportunity to compete and have fun. Don’t forget to read our guide on “what is a safety in flag football” and learn more.

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