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What Is DK Metcalf 40 Time

Metcalf is a name you’ll often hear in the NFL. For a wide receiver, the sheer size of his body and strength is outstanding. This does not mean he lacks speed. But, what exactly is the DK Metcalf 40 Time?

The DK Metcalf 40 time is a 4-yard dash time of 4.33 seconds. His time was the fourth fastest for a wide receiver seen at the combine. Even better, it was the best speed for a wide receiver his size.

In the NFL, wide receivers are known to have a much smaller body size compared to DK Metcalf. Considering his sheer body size and strength, the 40-yard dash at 4.33 seconds was pretty fast.

Who is DK Metcalf

DK Metcalf, better known as DeKaylin Zecharius, is an American football player born on Dec 4th, 1997. He plays as a wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL.

Football runs in the family of DL Metcalf, with his father playing as a guard in the NFL previously. He was born and raised in Mississippi before attending Oxford high school and Ole Miss college.

Let’s have a clear look at his bio.

Born – Age

DK Metcalf is 24 years old. He was born on Dec 14th, 1997, in Oxford, Mississippi. This is the State where he was also raised, attending Oxford high school.

Height and Weight 

He stands six feet and 4 inches tall, an equivalent of 1.93 meters. He also weighs 235 pounds, an equivalent of 107 kg, which is quite huge for a wide receiver.


He plays majorly as a wide receiver on the ends, a position also known as a Wideman. 

High School

DK Metcalf went to Oxford High School in Mississippi. He would then play there, getting 224 receptions, 49 touchdowns, and 3302 yards.

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College Career

He attended the University of Mississippi, which is also known as Ole Miss. He played from the year 2017 to 2019 before being drafted into the NFL.

When Did DK Metcalf Get Drafted?

DK Metcalf would get drafted in the 2019 second round as the 64th pick overall by the Seattle Seahawks.

What NFL Team Does DK Metcalf Play For?

He currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks, where he got drafted first in 2019. The Seattle Seahawks are an American professional football team in the NFL. They remain among the newest members, having joined the league in 2002.

What Are DK Metcalf’s Strengths

So what makes DK Metcalf so outstanding? Is it his physicality or strength? Below, I’ll discuss some of his strengths.

The first and obvious strength lies in his physical traits. He boasts an amazing muscle tone that makes him look more like a bodybuilder as opposed to a football. He also possesses sheer strength, something that makes him a big presence on the field.

The strength and physicality allow DK Metcalf to easily attack the ball and press the defenders. He can attack the ball from the air due to his 6-foot and 4-inch height. 

Additionally, his exceptional weight with a 22-pound body frame makes him frightening for opposing players.

A raw physicality is attractive, but it does not end there. He has speed and strength to accompany his body size. He possesses one of the best straight-line speeds in the NFL.

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Another outstanding strength lies in his hands. He has some of the strongest hands, which can easily show through his tape. This makes him quite good with 50-50 balls in the air.

All these are sellable strengths that make him a worthwhile pick for the NFL. However, with all the physicality, the main attribute is his elite speed. His exceptional speeds put him as a top wide receiver in the NFL. Despite his huge physicality.

What are DK Metcalf’s Weaknesses

But, with all the exceptional strengths, there are a few weaknesses to his game.

The first weakness in his game was a lack of flexibility and agility. With his big size, some scouts had questioned whether he was a natural. With these two lacking from his tape, playing with flexibility is an issue.

Additionally, his route tree is also undeveloped. There is some rawness that can be seen throughout his game. But, he was bigger, stronger, and faster than most of the defensive backs giving him an edge.

He also has a bad record with injuries. In 2018, he suffered a neck injury, while a broken foot in 2016 limited his reps.

He also lacks a redefined game as a wide receiver. Wide receivers need specific traits to help pass through and evade defensive backs. A good example was LSU’s Greedy Williams shutting home down.

His game also tends to have too many concentrated drops.

DK Metcalf NFL Stats

Wearing the number 14 for the Seattle Seahawks, DK Metcalf has a total of 216 receptions, 3170 yards, 14.7 average yards per carrying, 84 longest pass plays, and 29 touchdowns while playing wide receiver.

How Much Is DK Metcalf Currently Worth

As of the year 2022, his networth was approximate $1.5 million. His deal to sign for the Seahawks got him a four-year deal worth 4.6 million dollars.

football and bills on a table

As of the year 2019, DK Metcalf had received a signing bonus of $338.827. He recently agreed to a new contract with the Seahawks that will see him earn a guaranteed 58.2 million in three years. Up to 30 million of these figures are sign-on bonuses.

Did DK Metcalf Get Traded to the Cowboys?

DK Metcalf did not get traded to the Cowboys but instead signed a new three contract. The rumors of trade were called a Jerry Jones Move by Rich Eisen.

How Much Weight Did DK Metcalf Bench Press?

DK Metcalf was able to bench 225 pounds in the bench press, placing him at the top for a wide receiver. 

Who’s Faster, Tyreek Hill, or DK Metcalf?

Tyreek Hill and DK Metcalf are probably the fastest players in the NFL right now. Hill ran a 40-yard dash at 4.29 seconds, while DK Metcalf ran a 40-yard dash at 4.33 seconds. 

While Hill holds a slight advantage, both players are exceptionally fast. DK even set a bet between the two claiming he is the fastest of the two.

While we’re at it, let’s find out what was devonta smith’s 40 time and Derrick Henry’s 40 time.


Well, that wraps everything from me about DK Metcalf time. He ran a 40-yard dash at 4.33 seconds which was quite fast for a wide receiver. He was the fastest fourth wide receiver which was quite fast when you consider his physicality.

He was also able to bench 225 pounds for 17 reps putting him first on the list of receivers. He also ranked third on the vertical jump.

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