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What Is Derrick Henry’s 40-Yard Time

If you’re looking to know the best backs in the NFL, Derrick Henry’s name will appear top. But who is Derrick Henry, and why is he regarded as one of the best backs in the league?

Most fans probably know him because of how he breaks touchdown runs. But do they even know Derrick Henry 40 time?

Derrick Henry’s Time is a 40-yard dash taking him 4.54 seconds. He ran the Time in the 2016 NFL combine. His time is official and was officiated by the NFL with lasers used for accuracy. It was a pretty accurate time without using stopwatches.

Furthermore, he ran the time when he was 6 feet and 3 inches tall while also weighing 242 pounds which was quite exceptional. It’s not the fastest Time for a running back. But, when you consider his size, it’s the fastest time for a running back of his size.

Let’s dig deep and learn more about Derrick Henry’s 40-yard Time, bio, strengths, and weaknesses.

Who is Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is an American football player better known as Derrick Lamar Henry Jr. He is a running back playing in the NFL for the Tennessee Titans. Below are more details about him.

Born / Age

Derrick Henry was born on January 4th, 1994, in Yulee, Florida. This is where he was also raised.

Height and Weight 

He is 6 feet and 3 inches tall and equivalent to 1.91 meters. Derrick also weighs 247 pounds which is equivalent to 112 kg. 


Derrick Henry plays a running back position. In the NFL, he leads the offense as a running back, taking the 1st position in rushing yards in the 2019 season.

Running Football Player Silhouette

High School Football Career

His high school career was unreal, standing slightly smaller than what’s listed in the NFL stats. He attended and played for the Yulee Hornets in North Jacksonville. This is where he set a national record with 12 124 rushing yards.

Playing against Taylor County, he broke 482 yards and made six touchdowns.

College Football Career

His college career was in Alabama for three seasons, starting from 2013 to 2015. Here, Henry played 39 games totaling 602 carriers. He would go on to set a school record of 42 rushing touchdowns, 3 591 yards, and a further 285 yards with 17 receptions. Three of these were scores.

When Did Derrick Henry Get Drafted?

Derrick Henry got drafted in 2016 in the second round of the NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans. By then, he was 22 years old and was the overall pick at number 45.

What NFL Teams Does Derrick Henry Play For?

Derrick Henry plays for the Tennessee Titans, of which he was drafted in 2016. Having missed half of the 2021 season, Henry is excited to start for the Titans in 2022.

What Are Derrick Henry’s Strengths

Derrick Henry’s strengths are well-documented by the scouts before his drafting into the NFL.

The first strength of Derrick is the ability to be casually violent without any reason. It is a strength when on the football pitch. On the field, Derrick can be a violent runner.

He has been occasionally seen on the field jogging casually in the backfield, only to throw a defender within his arms reach to the ground. It’s one of the ways he shows his elite strength as a running back in the backfield.

Henry is also bad news to the cornerbacks. He is known to give run-in support running outside the formation and coming one-on-one with cornerbacks.

Additionally, he is known to have a stiff arm throwing Josh Norman to the ground. This is one good example where he takes on cornerbacks while giving the run-ins support.

However, that’s not what really sets him apart from other running backs. His ability to make long strides from 2nd to 3rd level and cut down the reaction time for safeties is a great strength to possess.

silhouette of two opposing football players

Henry has the ability to outrun defenders. While he can be caught in the backfield, the fact that he can run faster helps him reduce the reaction time. In most football games, you’ve probably seen running backs caught by a safety in the third level. 

But, this is not something common with Henry as he makes quick and long strides evading the defense. At full speed, he makes pretty long strides leaving the defenders.

What Are Derrick Henry’s Weaknesses

Even with the great strengths, Derrick Henry does suffer from a few weaknesses.

First, it’s the big workload on his shoulders that eventually leads to injuries. In this year alone, Henry has had over 400 touches which is a little concerning for the scouts. 

While a great workload can be seen as something positive, results might be worse. In 2021, he had a 1st major injury concern raising questions over his workload. How fast he recovers and stays fit afterward will go a long way in determining whether this is a weakness.

Despite his great speed, Henry is sometimes caught up in the backfield. This usually happens as it takes Time to build the speed. The long strides are great, but it takes Time before he can hit top speed.

Simply put, the slow start always makes him a target for safeties in the backfield. He has been caught on numerous occasions. But, this tends to wear off as the game gets going.

Derrick Henry NFL Stats

Derrick Henry has spent the last 7 years with the Titans averaging 6 797 yards, 65 touchdowns, 94 recoveries, 1401 total attempts, and 11 fumbles playing for the Titans as a running back.

What Is Derrick Henry’s Injury?

Derrick Henry’s injury is a broken bone in the foot in 2021. He would go on and have surgery on his foot. The exact type of injury is what we call the Jones fracture.

However, he would return for the 2022 season despite not looking at himself.

What is Derrick Henry’s Net Worth

As of January 2022, Derrick Henry’s estimated net worth is 3 million dollars. However, some sites indicate his net worth to be up to 6 million dollars. 

small football on dollar bills

How Long Has Derrick Henry Been in the NFL

Derrick Henry has been in the NFL for over six years now. He was drafted into the NFL second round in 2016 by the Titans as a 45 pick overall. He has since played for the Titans until now.

Who Is Faster, Tyreek Hill, or Derrick Henry?

Derrick Henry is faster than Tyreek Hill, having run a 75-yard touchdown in their win over the Bills beating Tyreek Hill’s 40 time.

Is Derrick Henry One of the Best Running Backs Ever?

Derrick Henry is one of the best running backs ever, and that is never in doubt. He was also voted the best 4th overall NFL player in 2021.


There you go! That wraps everything from me about Derrick Henry’s 40-yard Time. He is regarded as one of the best running backs in the NFL. Henry ran a 40-yard dash in 4.64 seconds which was quite faster for a running back his size.

He has played for over six seasons in the NFL, having been drafted to the NFL in 2016 as a 45 pick overall.

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