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10 Blue And White Football Teams

What color are the NFL football teams? Teams use different colors in the NFL. But you’ll soon discover that some colors are more dominant than others. There are more NFL blue and white football teams than any other color. 

Blue seems a dominant color, with 13 teams wearing the color. A combination of the color blue and white gives excellent results. From donning the blue and white jerseys to dressing your pet, football team colors mean a lot. There are also yellow and black football teams like Pittsburgh Steelers.

So, what teams are blue and white? What team colors are orange and blue? What is the meaning of the colors? In the post, I’ll discuss in detail 10 blue and white football teams and their color meaning.

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1 – Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills is our first choice on the list. The team color is royal blue, red, and white. This is a team from Buffalo, New York. Their biggest rival in the NFL is the Miami Dolphins.

The exact color codes for the Buffalo Bills are PMS 287 C for blue and PMS 186 C for red. They also feature a Buffalo in motion moving forward with a thick red line. The Buffalo logo is a symbol of where the team is located.

There is no clear meaning of the Buffalo Bills’ color meaning. The blue color on the jersey was inspired by Detroit Lions.

2 – Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos also feature blue and white colors in their jerseys. The official colors are Broncos navy blue, orange, and white. There is no clear meaning of the colors. But the Broncos’ navy and orange were inspired by the Cleveland Browns’ colors.

The Denver Broncos home is also great for learning how to play 7 on 7 football.

Denver Broncos feature PMS 1655 C for the orange and PMS 289 C for the navy blue. The logo on the team jersey also features the Pantone hex color with PMS 1655 C code.  

On the logo, there is a horse object facing to the right. The horse logo features a navy blue outline, white coat, and orange mane. The logo symbolizes a bronco, a wild horse in the Western part of the US.

3 – Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts is another team with white and blue colors. The team colors feature royal blue and white. This is a team from Indianapolis, Indiana. Their biggest rivals in the NFL are the New England Patriots.

The blue color for Indianapolis Colts is blue, dating from 1984 to 2001. They also feature a gray color with CMYK codes 38, 27, 27, and 0. The CMYK codes for the speed blue color are 100, 85, 30, and 16.

Their team logos also feature speed blue and gray colors. In the logo, there is a horseshoe object with holes. The true meaning of the logo is self-explanatory from the team’s signature colors.

The Color white symbolizes purity. The blue color symbolizes power and excellence. The colors are inspired by the Baltimore Colts team colors and the now-defunct Dallas Texans.

4 – Los Angeles Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers also boast some navy blue, powder blue, and sunshine gold and white colors. This is a team from Los Angeles, California. Las Vegas Raiders are their biggest rivals.

The Pantone colors are PMS 285 C for the powder blue and PMS 1235 C for the sunshine gold. The specific HEX codes are #FFFFFF for white and #0080C6 for powder blue.

The logo colors are powder blue, sunshine gold, and white. The logo Pantone color is powder blue with a domed lighting bolt. 

It’s a unique logo design that symbolizes the team’s nickname. The color meaning shows the team’s energy, speed, and power. 

fans holding blue flags of football team

Wondering how to run faster in football like the Chargers? Some inspiration from the team logos may help. Their logo colors pay tribute to their lighting speed and the team’s history.

5 – Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are a team from Charlotte, North Carolina. Their primary colors are blue, black, and silver. The blue color is mostly referred to as Panther’s blue. 

Two Duke and UNC universities inspire these colors. In fact, their process blue is a shade of the two universities. Their biggest rivals in the NF are the Atlanta Falcons.

The HEX color codes are #0085CA for the Carolina blue, #101820 for black, and for the silver. It also features a logo with Carolina blue, black, and silver. 

Their logo features a fierce black panther with its mouth wide open. It is a logo that symbolizes the team’s willpower in matches. It is a uniform color that has lasted over a decade. The last color change was made in 1995.

6 – New York Giants

The New York Giants is one of the few teams with colors that have remained unchanged since their foundation. The team features dark blue, red, and gray colors. This is a team from the New York Metropolitan area. Their biggest rivals are the Philadelphia Eagles.

The HEX code for the dark blue is #0B2265, #A71930 for the red, and #A5ACAF for the gray. The Pantone colors are PMS 2758 C for dark blue, PMS 429 C for gray, and PMS 187 C for red.

Their logo also features dark blue, red, and gray colors. The logo features n & y lowercase letters. The logo is the initial of New York, where the team is located.

There is no clear meaning of the colors, which have remained unchanged since the team was founded.

7 – Dallas Cowboys 

The Dallas Cowboys is a team from Dallas, Texas. Their biggest rival in the NFL is the Philadelphia Eagles. The colors are royal blue, blue, silver-green, silver, and white.

The Hex color codes are

  • #003594 – royal blue
  • #041E42 –  blue
  • #869397 – silver
  • #7F9695 –  silver-green
  •  #FFFFFF – white.

The Dallas Cowboys logo also features four colors. The logo is a star with five points. It is a symbol of the “Lone Star State,” which is the nickname of the Dallas State.

Team colors symbolize the team’s history and the team’s creativity. Cowboys GM Tex Schramm was the team’s president and general manager. He was president for 29 seasons.

8 – Tennessee Titans 

The Tennessee Titans is a team from Nashville, Tennessee. Their biggest rivals are the Houston Texans. The team colors are Titans navy, Titans blue, and Titans Silver.

Hex color codes for the team are #0C2340 for the Titan’s blue, #8A8D8F for the Titan’s silver, #4B92DB for the Titan’s navy, and #C8102E for the Titan’s red.

They also feature a circular logo with all four colors. Its logo is a circular object with red and blue flames to the top left. The circle features a navy background, white outline, a T-silver-styled letter, and three red stars. It symbolizes the team’s initial and the Tennessee state flag.

It’s a team that pays tribute to Tennessee state and the United States.

9 – New England Patriots

The New England Patriots, commonly known as the Pats, are a team from Foxborough, Massachusetts. It’s one of the top teams, with Indianapolis Colts as their biggest rivals. Their main colors are nautical blue, New Century Silver, and red.

football players wearing blue jersey

Their blue color is one of their historical colors from 1971 to 1992. The Hex color codes are: 

  • #002244 – nautical blue
  • #C60C30- red
  • #B0B7BC- New Century Silver.

Pat’s logo also features the nautical blue, red, and New Century colors. On the sides, the logo features a patriot wearing a tri-colored hat. A color palette of the United States flag follows this. The logo is the visual representation of the team.

Their color meaning is basically a tribute to the nation and flag.

10 – Chicago Bears 

The Chicago Bears are an NFL team from Chicago, Illinois. They are also among the teams with the famous blue. Their biggest rival is the Green Bay Packers. The team colors are dark navy and orange.

Chicago Bears have kept their primary colors from 2005 to the present date. The HEX color codes are #0B162A for dark navy and #C83803 for orange. Navy blue is a common color for the Chicago team and can also be found on their ice hockey team.

The navy blue and orange colors can also be found on their logo. There is also a styled letter C (the Wishbone C) on the logo, which symbolizes the initial of the city, Chicago.

The Illinois university inspires these colors.

What Is the Color of the NFL Logo?

The NFL logo is white, red, and blue. It features a blue shield logo with the shield symbol itself in white. There is also the: “NFL” logotype in red.

football and nfl logo

How Are NFL Team Colors Determined?

NFL team colors are chosen based on the team’s history, foundation culture, character, and city.

What Color Is  Football?

Wondering what color is the NFL football? The football color is usually natural brown. This comes about from leather tanning. 


Different teams in the NFL wear different colors. There are also logos with varying symbols and colors. The color and logos are chosen based on the team’s history, culture, city, character, and foundation. Colors have special meanings to teams hence the variations.

The Blue and white combination is one of the best colors, with most teams embracing the iconic blue color. What color is your favorite NFL team? Does the color have any special meaning? Share with us your experiences and thoughts on the blue and white team colors.

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