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10 Best Turf Soccer Shoes Reviewed

Looking for quality shoes to play turf soccer? Turf soccer shoes can be quite different from your normal soccer shoes. These are shoes specially designed for smaller and softer astroturf pitches. The best turf soccer shoes can be hard to find.

In a Hurry? Check Out Our Top Recommendations
Adidas Men’s Samba Classic
Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat
Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoe

With artificial turf sprouting up in most footballing communities, it makes sense to get a pair. If you’re searching for the best turf shoes near me, then you’re at the right place. I’ve researched and tested 10 leading turf soccer shoes.

In the comprehensive review and buyer’s guide below, I’ve reviewed the 10 best soccer cleats for turf to consider buying this year. Check them out and carefully choose one that best suits your needs.

Best Turf Soccer Shoes: Top 3 Picks Compared

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Best Turf Soccer Shoes

I’ll get started right away and review the best turf soccer shoes. Looking for a wider soccer cleat instead? Tap to move to the section.

Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat – Best-Fitting Turf Soccer Shoes

The Adidas Performance Mundial is a sturdy and well-constructed turf soccer cleat. It features a leather and synthetic fabric material construction.

This is a quality shoe that feels light and fits snugly. The upper features 100% leather and synthetic for durability.

It is a sleek design shoe with a rubber sole for excellent foot support. This is a classic styling soccer turf shoe with an extended tongue. It also features a wedge outsole, a no-chafe heel counter, and molded studs. Overall, this is a soft leather soccer turf shoe that delivers a responsive feel.

Prominent Features

Soft leather: It features a soft leather upper material that fits and holds the fit snugly. The leather provides a responsive feel that allows soccer players to hit the ball with ease.

Fine-grained stud pattern: A fine-grained stud pattern creates a firm holding on the ground. Players get to enjoy excellent traction and good foot support.

Cushioning: Lastly, the shoe interior features excellent cushioning for good foot protection. It does feel comfortable and warm.


  • Great traction 
  • Comfortable and warm interiors
  • Lightweight feel
  • Snug fit


  • Front damages fast when used regularly. Consider alternating

playing turf soccer

Adidas Men’s Samba Classic – Best Superior Gripping Turf Soccer Shoes

The Adidas men’s Samba soccer cleats are another excellent choice with 100% leather. They are very supportive shoes with a platform measuring 0-3 inches.

A wide boot opening measuring 0-3 inches makes them the best soccer shoes for wide feet.

This is a full-grain leather upper soccer turf cleat that feels comfortable and lightweight. It also features suede overlays for added protection and support. There is a further embossed EVA midsole that ensures great foot support. 

When it comes to traction, the Samba classic shoe is one of the best with a non-marking gum rubber.

Prominent Features

Non-marking rubber outsole: The outsole features non-marking patterns to ensure superior traction. Your feet will feel stable and supported on firm ground.

Full-grain upper leather: It is a top-quality shoe with 100% full-grain leather upper. Further additional suede overlays offer extra protection and support.

0-3 inches boot opening: A wide boot opening makes the shoe a great fit for persons with wide feet. It is a boot that slips on seamlessly.


  • Quality materials
  • Easy slip-on
  • Extra support and protection due to suede overlays
  • Superior gripping


  • A bit pricey, but worth it

Adidas Child Goletto VIII Turf Soccer Shoe – Most Affordable Turf Soccer Shoes

The Adidas Child Goletto is a more affordable turf soccer shoe to consider. It is a pretty lightweight shoe that feels comfortable when worn.

The shoe features a 100% synthetic sole and upper. Players can enjoy a lightweight feeling and superior grip on turf surfaces.

What’s more, the outsole is patterned for a grippy texture. This enhances traction and speed for players. Overall, these are the leading Adidas junior soccer shoes for turf to get kids to enjoy soccer. It is a stylish shoe with eye-catching details.

Prominent Features

Vamp-stitching: A vamp exterior stitching makes the shoes look great and outstanding. This is an eye-catching soccer cleat for turf that will make you look apart.

100% synthetic: They feature 100% synthetic upper and sole for durability. Additionally, the artificial materials make the shoes pretty lightweight and comfortable.

Grippy Outsole: A grippy outsole provides excellent traction on firm surfaces. Players get good foot support and can run with speed without sliding.

Diadora Men’s Capitano ID Indoor Soccer Shoes – Best Shock-Absorbing 

The Diadora Capitano ID soccer shoes are a great choice for indoor soccer games. They are a popular and affordable brand with exciting features.

A polyurethane synthetic upper provides superior foot protection and support.

Interiors feature shock-absorbing EVA foam and fixed cotton to protect the foot from any impacts when hitting the ball.

It is a quality soccer turf cleat with an abrasion-resistant outsole. The gum rubber sole steps on artificial turf and provides a superior grip.

Prominent Features

Shock-absorbing EVA foam: A shock-absorbing EVA foam and fixed cotton provide the foot with optimal protection. The shoes can absorb any shocks and keep the feet safe.

Abrasion-resistant outsole: Abrasion-resistant outsoles protect and provide the foot with support. The outsoles offer superior turf surface gripping for good traction and speed.

Soft TPR upper: A soft and lightweight synthetic upper material keeps the feel snugly held and comfortable. You can run and move around without feeling the weight of the shoes.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Good traction due to abrasion-resistant outsoles
  • Shock protection
  • Affordable


  • A little narrow for wide feet

soccer player in blue uniform getting ready to kick the ball

Adidas Men’s Nemeziz 19.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe – Best Turf Shoes Indoor Soccer

Adidas Nemeziz is a leading soccer turf shoe for indoor soccer. It is a premium shoe with a synthetic sole for optimal protection.

The shoe features a shaft measuring 6-12 inches and a platform measuring 0-5 inches. This provides the shoe with excellent foot support.

Adidas Nemeziz stands out as one of the best choices when it comes to fit. They feature a wide boot opening that allows for seamless fitting slip-on and removal. Overall, this is a regular fit soccer turf shoe to consider buying right away.

Prominent Features

Wide boot opening: A wide boot opening of 3 inches allows for easy slip-on. It is a shoe to wear and remove without any struggle.

Quality materials: 100% other fibers on the upper and a synthetic sole make the shoe durable. The materials are also lightweight, creating a light feel when worn.

Great shaft and platform sizes: 6-12 inches shaft from the arch and a platform of 0-3 inches offers the foot great support. The shoes fit snugly, hugging the foot well for easy ball hitting.


  • Good quality
  • Durable
  • Superior traction
  • Easy slip-on


  • A bit narrow for wide feet

Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoe – Most Lightweight Turf Soccer Shoes

The Adidas male X Ghosted soccer shoes are extremely lightweight and feel great on foot. These are 100% rubber shoes with a stretch tongue for added comfort.

X Ghosted shoes will tightly hug your foot due to the low-cut silhouette and supportive sock-like construction.

The shoe upper features thin dual-mesh layers for direct touches and speed directions. Overall, this is a versatile soccer turf shoe for men and women. On the sizing, women should choose 1 to 1.5 sizes down.

Prominent Features

Stretch tongue: A stretch tongue provides the toes with extra space. This makes the shoe extra comfortable.

Dual-layer mesh upper: The upper part of the shoes features a thin dual-layer mesh speedskin. It ensures easy direct touches and speed movements.

100% rubber: A full rubber construction makes the shoes durable and lightweight. They fit tightly and hug the foot leaving you feeling comfortable.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Tight hugging fit
  • Supports high-speed movements and direct touches
  • Good material


  • Take time to break in but feel comfy

Diadora Turf Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Shoes – Best Wide Feet Turf Soccer Shoes

The Diadora turf shoes are a great choice for indoor and outdoor soccer. They remain among the few soccer shoes that fit a wide foot.

What’s more, the shoes are of the highest quality featuring 100% upper leather. The sole is made of rubber and features multi-studs for abrasion resistance.

Diadora is a pretty comfortable soccer turf shoe with fixed cotton and shock-absorbing EVA foam. You can wear it for extended hours without any blisters.

Prominent Features

Fixed Cotton & EVA foam: Diadora features fixed cotton and EVA foam to absorb shock and protect the feet. They are comfortable shoes you can wear all day.

Multi-Studded: The outsoles are multi-studded and feel stable on firm surfaces. They provide superior traction for easy soccer playing.

Soft polyurethane synthetic upper: Lastly a soft synthetic upper that hugs the feet tightly makes the shoes comfortable. The upper material is also lightweight for extra comfort.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Superior traction
  • Shock-absorbing hence protective
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Synthetic outer does not bend naturally when new

soccer player dribbling the ball

Joma Men’s Dribbling TF Turf Soccer Shoes – Most Stylish Men’s Turf Soccer Shoes

The Joma Men’s dribbling shoes are by far the most stylish shoes on the list. These are the perfect recreational shoes with lightweight construction. 

You can wear them all day without feeling any extra weight on the foot. The shoes feature a quality leather upper and rubber sole.

Joma turf soccer shoes fit nicely and are true to size. Overall, these are well-made shoes with materials that don’t feel like plastic. I liked the exterior finish with stripes that make the shoes stand out.

Prominent Features

Stylish exterior patterns: These are the most stylish turf soccer shoes with an exquisite exterior. A further unique stitching pattern makes the shoes quite attractive and outstanding.

Rubber sole: They are supportive shoes with a thick rubber sole that provides a superior grip. You can enjoy good traction on firm surfaces.

Foam interior: Lastly, the shoes feature a soft EVA foam cushioning. The cushioning protects the foot and ensures you feel comfortable all day.


  • Comfortable and warm
  • Great foot support
  • Stylish and attractive
  • Great traction


  • A bit rigid when new but eventually breaks in

Kelme Men Indoor Turf Soccer Shoe – Best Arch Support

The Kelme turf soccer shoes are an excellent pick with good arch support. It’s a well-made and durable shoe that can withstand frequent use.

The shoe is built with comfort in mind. It boasts soft synthetic leather and stretch-resistant materials.

 A further rubber outsole offers a nice grip giving you the ultimate control. Overall, these are superior comfortable cleats for indoor soccer players.

Prominent Features

Stretch materials: The shoes feature soft synthetic leather and stretchy materials that ensure optimal comfort. You can easily play on thick turf without any blisters.

Molded rubber soles: Molded rubber soles provide a superior grip with firm surfaces. Players can enjoy superior tractions and play with speed.

Small rubber studs: Small rubber studs provide good traction on artificial turfs.


  • Superior grippings
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Great arch support


  • Not the strongest leather but lasts

Adidas Predator Freak .3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe Men’s – Most Flexible Turf Soccer Shoes

The Adidas Predator is a very flexible, sturdy, and attractive turf soccer shoe. It is an innovative shoe design from Adidas for indoor soccer.

It’s true to size and creates a snug fit. With a 100% synthetic upper and a rubber sole, the shoe is lightweight and durable.

It’s a stylish shoe that fits perfectly and looks good on you. The Adidas Predator features multi-studs that provide superior traction on turf. It is an outstanding shoe that feels light when worn.

Prominent Features

Multi-studs: It features multi-studs that provide the feet with good traction on firm surfaces. You can run and move around without sliding.

100% Synthetic: The uppers also feature quality synthetic materials that protect the foot. They are lightweight making the shoe quite comfy.

Wide boot opening: a wide boot opening allows for an easy and quick slip-on. You can easily slip your foot inside without much struggle.


  • Tight and snug fit
  • Easy slip-on
  • Good traction due to multi-studs
  • Lightweight


  • The Upper wears fast but lasts with care

Buyer’s Guide for Turf Soccer Shoe

When buying a turf shoe for soccer, there are various factors to consider. These are factors that determine the soccer shoes’ fit, comfort, durability, and much more.

about to kick the ball

Below are important factors to consider.


When choosing the best indoor soccer shoes turf, always consider a snug fit. Make sure you wear your socks when testing out the shoes. You need to have the best fit to prevent blisters.

Players get better ball control when the shoes fit snugly. If you’re wearing shin guards, make sure you try them out before using the shoes in a game.


The construction materials of soccer shoes also determine the shoe’s quality and durability. Consider shoes with premium leather and quality rubber sole. While leather is expensive, it’s with it.

You can also opt for shoes with synthetic leather which appears more like natural leather but is affordable.


Consider the cushioning to ensure you get the most comfortable turf soccer shoes. The ideal soccer shoes need to feature memory foam cushioning and a soft fleece lining.

Cushioning is important in absorbing any shock and keeping the feet comfortable and warm.


Soccer requires shoes that are lightweight and comfortable. Make sure you consider the weight and choose shoes that feel light on the feet. Players can run and shoot with ease when the shoes are lightweight.


Choose shoes with stud designs that offer great traction. Consider the playing surface and choose a shoe that will provide a good grip on the surface.

The shoe needs to feel stable on firm ground and provide the feet with support. This way, players can run without sliding or falling.

Price and Brand

Lastly, make sure you consider the shoe brand and price. Different brands manufacture soccer shoes. Consider buying from reputable brands like Adidas, New Balance, Diadora, etc. You can get better quality when you buy from a reputable brand,

However, you also need to consider the price. Does the shoe fall within your budget range? While you can pay more, make sure the shoe features are worth the price.

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Which Soccer Shoes Are Best for Turf?

The Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoe is the best soccer shoe for turf with a stretch tongue for extra comfort. It is a lightweight shoe with a low-silhouette cut and a supportive sock construction that hugs the foot.

You’ll love the dual-mesh layer that allows for speed movements.

Which Turf Shoes Are Best?

The Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat is the best for keeping your feet firm on turf. It’s a classic design turf shoe with an extended tongue and a wedge outsole. The shoe delivers a responsive feel, hence great for turf. Another best turf shoe is the Adidas Men’s Samba Classic.

Is Soccer Cleats Good on Turf?

Yes, soccer cleats are good on turf. Soccer cleats are designed to work with artificial turf and can provide a good grip. However, it is important to invest in turf soccer shoes if you’re playing on a regular basis.


Turf soccer shoes are one of the leading soccer training equipment out there. Get the right shoes and you can be sure of enjoying your game.

While choosing the right soccer turf can be challenging, our top selections above can help. They are top-quality turf soccer shoes that provide a firm grip and ensure good traction.

Do your research on the picks and choose one that fits you. The one thing I like about buying shoe cleats online is that you can filter your searches. If you’re specifically looking for soccer cleats for turf, tour top picks can help.

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