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Best NFL Stadiums – The Power Rankings In The NFL

The NFL teams are not created equal. That can be seen clearly in their performances and stadiums. Recently, there has been a wave of new and best NFL stadiums with unique architectural designs.

So, how many NFL stadiums are there, and which one is the best? Currently, 30 NFL stadiums host the team’s home matches.

Some of the stadiums are old, but most have been renovated with new designs coming up. The stadiums vary in design, capacity, facilities, and much more.

So, what is the best NFL stadium? Lambeau Field, which hosts the Packers, is by far the best NFL stadium. There are several top contenders whose teams are greatly upgrading their stadiums.

In the post, I’ll discuss and rank the 30 NFL stadiums. It’s a great way to understand the teams and decide on which teams to attend their matches.

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What Are the Qualities of a Great Stadium?

So, what is the nicest stadium in the NFL? To answer this question, we need to look at different qualities that make a stadium great.

A great stadium should have a good location, feature a great design, and enhanced safety features. But that’s not all. The fans also play a crucial part in making a stadium great.

Let’s see the qualities of a great stadium in detail.


Where is the stadium located? Location is everything when ranking the best stadium. You need a nice location that is quickly accessible. Some of the best stadiums are strategically located in cities with big populations and good roads for easy access.


The stadium’s design also plays a big role in making it great. Recently, we’ve seen some unique Superdome designs.

A good design makes a stadium appear beautiful. It gives a nice aerial view making it a great attraction in the area.


Safety is also an important feature when ranking stadium greatness. Most stadiums in the NFL feature safety features, quality seats, and safe distances from the field. 

Sometimes you see the ball lunging high in the air and falling in the stands. It leaves one wondering, do fans get to keep the balls? Ball boys and girls must return the balls to be used again.


Lastly, fans can make a stadium great. How much do the fans mean to the players in the stadium? That can be said by listening to the noise levels on every match day. 

fans watching game inside a stadium

What are the top 5 loudest stadiums in the NFL? A visit to stadiums like AT&T will tell you how important fans are and the mood they can create in the stadium.

NFL’s Best Stadiums

Currently, 30 NFL stadiums are hosting different teams in the NFL. In this post, we will try and rank them from best to worst. Important ranking factors include design, location, safety, amenities, food, fans, and the stadium itself.

Let’s get started with the best.

1. FedEx Field (Washington Football Team) 

The FedEx Field Stadium is home to the Washington Football team. It is a pretty large stadium with a capacity of 82,000. Built-in 1997, the stadium is awful and the worst on the list.

The location is pretty long. You’ll travel by car or train for hours in traffic. Even team performances are not inspiring. The home team has never made it out of the Wild Card since 2005.    

2. Met Life Stadium (New York Giants & New York Jets)

This is the largest stadium in the NFL. It leaves many wondering how it’s among the worst. But the atmosphere inside the stadium is a boring one. It’s also a long journey to the stadium.

Feral cats have appeared during match days. Built in 2007 for $2 billion dollars, Met Life will remain among the worst NFL stadiums. Even worse, the performances of the Giants and Jets are not inspiring.

3. TIAA Bank Field – Jacksonville Jaguars 

The TIAA Bank field has changed names since 1995. Even the current name might not stick around for long. It does feature a dog and pool area. But these are amenities for a few with money.

For most fans, there is little to get you excited.

4. Paycor Stadium – (Cincinnati Bengals)

This is by far the cheapest NFL stadium. Formerly known as paul Brown Stadium, the stadium is home to Cincinnati Bengals. There are a few good features, like the view from downtown.

But overall, it isn’t a great stadium. Moving across the stadium takes you through ups and down levels. It leaves fans feeling as if there are in an aircraft. The silence inside the stadium doesn’t improve things either.

5. Nissan Stadium – Tennessee Titans 

The Nissan Stadium is a great place for visiting fans on Sundays. However, this is an average aging stadium with little to be excited about.

sunset at nashville with a view of a stadium

The location is poor, and the conditions inside the stadiums are not any better. Parts inside the stadium are falling apart, making it a safety hazard.

6. Hard Rock Stadium – Miami Dolphins

It is a decent place but one that needs a lot of renovations. It has had a few renovations in the past few years, which gives it a few spots off the worst stadium.

But Miami people love new and modern things. Many of the reasons for the ranking are the good location and the stadium’s history. It does host several Super Bowls.

7. High Mark Stadium – Buffalo Bills 

The atmosphere inside the stadium is an exciting one. You’ll love the fans parting and cheering their team. But the good matchday moods have more to do with beer goggles.

This is an old, aging stadium over 46 years. What’s more, the weather around is miserable. While the team is rapidly improving, the stadium does require some renovation. The good news is that there are some plans for a new stadium.

8. FirstEnergy Stadium – (Cleveland Browns)

FirstEnergy Stadium enjoys a good location and can be exciting when the Browns have a good game. But there isn’t much about the stadium. There are sometimes chilling winds from Lake Erie nearby.

With the team becoming an AFC power, the stadium does require some renovations. 

9. AT&T Stadium – Dallas Cowboys

The AT&T Stadium ranks top deservedly with amazing features and loud fans. It’s home to the Dallas Cowboys. It’s a unique stadium with top technology features despite being a decade old.

Generally, there is something unique about the stadium and the team. The Dallas Cowboys itself doesn’t disappoint with great results.

10. Raymond James Stadium – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Raymond James Stadium does have a pirate ship that fans enjoy. It’s a great design in the stadium and probably the reason for ranking higher. But apart from that, there is little the stadium has to offer.

Stadium prices can be pricey, and food choices are not always attractive. We can only hope for upgrades with the team generating some revenues from the Super Bowls.

11. Levi’s Stadium – San Francisco 49ers

The stadium opened a few years ago. It’s quite surprising for such a new stadium to be low on the ranking. What’s more, the stadium was built in Santa Clara, making the fan experience worse.

football stadium with majority of fans wearing red

Wondering what the richest NFL stadium is? Levi’s stadium is not the richest, but it does rank up there. The owners spent over $1 billion to build it. But there is no protection from the glaring sun, and the tickets are pricey.

12. Bank of America Stadium – Carolina Panthers

Bank of America stadium might not be the oldest stadium in the NFL. But the entire stadium structure is old and can benefit from some demolition job. The stadium has been maintained over the years with a few upgrades here and there.

With new owners, we can expect some upgrades soon.

13. Acrisure Stadium – Pittsburgh Steelers 

The name change from Heinz Field to Acrisure stadium did affect the stadium’s ranking. A simple name change means a lot. The brand name ‘Heinz Field’ was a big one and gave the stadium some status.

The Steelers did get the money to make the name change. It’s more of a mockery for the organization. Only renovations from the money can improve the stadium’s ranking.

14. Gillette Stadium – New England Patriots

Gillette is a pretty nice stadium with an excellent reputation from the dynasty effect. But this is a generic stadium with nightmare traffic. Even places inside the stadium fall short, with some seats torn.

But the fans make the stadium more lovely with a buzz on every match day. Tom Brady won six Super Bowls playing in the stadium.

15. Soldier Field – Chicago Bears

Solder Field is the oldest and smallest stadium in the NFL. The history and great view from the seats make the stadium rank higher. But the big headache comes from finding the way to the bathroom. Even finding parking around the stadium can be a daunting experience.

There is no progress toward building a new stadium. But the Bears are playing well, and fans are enjoying every moment of the games.

16. M&T Bank Stadium – Baltimore Ravens

Located near the much-spoken Oriole Park at Camden Yards, M&T Bank Stadium is an old stadium with an intoxicating atmosphere. In 2019, they spent $120 million on renovations.

Generally, it’s a good stadium with ample parking, decent meals, and good seats. There are also good places to explore outside. It’s home to one of the blue and white football teams in the NFL.

m and t bank stadium

17. Ford Field – Detroit Lions

Ford is an exciting stadium, with the roof their biggest asset so far. The Lions are conveniently located at the heart of the city. The stadium has a nice dining area and some spicy food.

The stadium would even rank higher if the team performances were good. Overall, it is an above-average stadium with a louder atmosphere.

18. NRG Stadium – Houston Texans

There is an exciting aspect to watching the Houston Texans at their home. It is a nice stadium with some amazing amenities. The stadium is spacious and with many places to eat. There are also big screens to watch game replays.

However, various organizational issues are affecting the team overall, causing the stadium to rank lower.

19. Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia Eagles

Commonly referred to as the Linc, the stadium is exciting and a good place to watch an NFL game. The stadium opened in 2003 and represented Philadelphia city.

It’s not the most beautiful stadium around, but many aspects are great. The food is great, the fans are tremendous, and the ambiance feels classic.

20. Caesars Superdome – New Orleans Saints

Located in New Orleans, the Superdome is an iconic stadium that should even rank higher. It’s an old stadium that first opened in 1975. When the stadium first opened, it was an architectural marvel. 

But all that is in the past. New upgrades are needed to rank the stadium even higher. Overall, it has one of the best game atmospheres in the league. There are also plans for a $450 million renovation.

21. Empower Field at Mile High – Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos play in one exciting stadium with a wide array of features. It’s a high altitude with a capacity of 76,125. The stadium sits high and gives a great view of the Rocky Mountains.

Fans looking for an amazing and relaxing experience need to visit Empower Field. There are rumors of a sale that can lead to a new $2 billion stadium being built.

22. State Farm Stadium – Arizona Cardinals

The State Farm Stadium is home to the Arizona Cardinals and one of the best top 10 stadiums in the NFL. It is a new stadium with a unique design that keeps temperatures inside cool. That’s a great feature when you consider the high temperatures in Arizona.

While it’s not closer to downtown, there are new restaurants at the new location. The amenities inside are also excellent and worth your money.

23.GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

The Arrowhead Stadium is properly on the list because of the atmosphere generated. It’s one of the loudest stadiums and one of the toughest for visiting teams.

The tailgating is exactly what makes the stadium special. You’ll love everything from the aromas the moment you land there. It’s one of these stadiums you need to visit and experience the raucous supporters.

24. Lucas Oil Stadium – Indianapolis Colts 

The Lucas Oil stadium is one of the underrated stadiums in the NFL, but one that should even rank higher. Located at the heart of downtown Indianapolis, it is a nice stadium with great amenities. There are several good restaurants nearby, parking, and an amazing tailgating experience.

The fans inside the stadium are also pretty loud, giving an amazing experience to visiting fans.

25. Lumen Field – Seattle Seahawks

The Lumen Field is also called the 12th man, and rightfully so. It’s one of the best NFL stadiums with a unique design. There are incredible views for visiting fans, a wide array of food choices, and readily available public transport.

lumen field in seattle

The stadium atmosphere is also exciting, with the Seahawks not disappointing in their matches.

26. SoFi Stadium – Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers

SoFi stadium is by far one of the best and most expensive NFL stadiums in history. The beauty of SoFi is everything and the main reason it’s ranking up there.

If you have some cash, you can also enjoy the high-end cabanas field-level club. It’s also a great place to learn how to play 7 on 7 football. Most Blue conference teams play A7FL matches.

The stadium cost a whopping $5.5 million.

27. Allegiant Stadium – Las Vegas Raiders 

The Allegiant Stadium is one of the best NFL stadiums, with a 65,000 seating capacity. It has some growing reviews for concerts and looks amazingly great even before you walk in.

Carr bombs to Davante Adams are some of the new amazing features planned for the stadium.

28. Mercedes-Benz Stadium – Atlanta Falcons

It is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the NFL. It opened in 2017 and boasts one of the best arenas. Everything about the food is pretty cool. The food is quite good and insanely cheap.

It also offers some amazing services and good technology. The team is currently rebuilding, and fans can only hope for the best in the future.

29. Lambeau Field – Green Bay Packers

Lambeau is a downtown stadium and one of the best in the NFL. It is a premium stadium and the center of the city. The city revolves around Lambeau stadium.

Other excellent features include tailgating and excellent technology inside. The fans are also amazing and play a key role in the stadium atmosphere.

30. U.S. Bank Stadium – Minnesota Vikings

The U.S. Bank stadium takes you into the future. Once you step inside, you’ll feel a different vibe. The translucent roof looks amazing and sets a new trend in NFL stadiums.

Overall, this is a breathtaking stadium with a fashionable design. It also has some good food options.

Best NFL Stadium Ranking FAQS

football game stadium with a big monitor screen

What Is the Hardest NFL Stadium To Play In?

Arrowhead Stadium, home to Kansas City Chiefs, is the hardest stadium to play in the NFL. It is one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, which can be daunting for any visiting team.

What Is the Cheapest NFL Stadium?

Lambeau Field is by far the cheapest stadium in the NFL. The stadium cost $960,000 initial construction price.

What Is the Smallest NFL Stadium?

Soldier Field is the smallest NFL stadium. It has a capacity of 61,500.


The NFL is home to some of the best stadiums in the United States. With 30 stadiums hosting the NFL matches, there are options for fans to visit and watch every weekend. You don’t want to miss the experiences of these amazing stadiums.

NFL stadiums have a lot to offer, from the smallest to the biggest, loudest to the quietest. Which of these amazing stadiums have you visited? Share your experience with us.

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