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10 Best Football Shin Pads 2023

Are you wondering, “what kind of shin guards do pros wear?” A good pair of shin guards is vital, whether you are a pro or just starting.

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Doryum Football Shin Pads
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Gonex Shin Pad

A key element is a proper fit and comfort. Your guards should be snug but not too tight. Most importantly, choose shin guards that offer good protection and lasting construction.

The right shin guards help cushion you from shin splints, bruises, fractures, and other injuries.

With the many shin pad manufacturers available, it can be difficult to know which ones are the best. So, what are the best football shin pads?

Doryum shin pads outshined all thanks to the combination of the crucial factors. However, you’ll also love Mitre pads for their unrivaled breathability, HiRui’s versatility, and Noper’s style, among other options.

Dive into these expert-chosen picks to find out what each has to offer, plus other tips you’ll like.

Best Football Shin Pads: Top 3 Picks Compared

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What Are Shin Pads?

Shin pads, also known as shin guards, are crucial protective equipment in football, soccer, and hockey, among other sports. They are sports gear that aid in shin injury prevention and impact cushioning.

Shin guards come from materials that spread impact forces, like high-density foam or hard plastic.

They are sometimes secured in place by straps that go around the calf. Others come with a slip-in strapless style, while others have built-in sleeves.

Is Shin Protection Required for Football?

”Do professional football players wear shin pads?” is one of the top-asked questions. All players from youth football or the NFL need shin protection.

Previously, some players avoided leg padding, fearing it slowed them down. However, 2013 rule changes made it mandatory to wear thigh and leg pads to boost player safety.

The same is the case with soccer, which most countries call football. FIFA states that shin guards are compulsory under section three of their 2015 rules.

10 Best Shin Pads for Football Players

Now that you have a decent background, it’s time to get the top recommendations. So, what shin pads do pro footballers use?

Doryum Football Shin Pads: Best Overall

Sleek, comfortable, and effective, Doryum shin pads have all it takes to become your next favorite gear.


Their honeycomb-padded surface does an excellent job of absorbing impact.

Also, they are available in three sizes and include an anti-slip, elastic, and silicone construction. These pads provide a superb fit around your legs so you can keep playing confidently.


  • Flat-lock stitched seams to ensure longevity
  • Three sizes suitable for usage by many ages
  • Breathable construction to keep the legs cool
  • The elastic polyester fabric allows a comfortable fit


  • Available in black only
  • Some may find getting a perfect fit challenging

HiRui Shin Pads: Best Multipurpose Shin Pads

Save for the color option, HiRui shin pads are essentially Doryum 2.0. Still, you’ll love the five colors that give you a better chance to match your jersey.


These pads include five sizes, unlike the Doryum duo, which come in three. From small to xx-large, they ensure more users can get a snug fit.


  • Five colors to match many jerseys
  • Five sizes to guarantee a comfortable fit
  • Foam padding for comfort and impact absorption
  • Honeycomb foam construction to spread the impact


  • Not the most durable
  • Size selection may be an issue

Noper Shin Pads for Kids Youth: Most Stylish Football Shin Pads

Are you wondering, “what are the best soccer shin pads for kids?” Noper shin guards may be it for you.


They come in the most patterns on the list, letting you find the perfect look.

The hard shell comes from tough plastic to ensure longevity and adequate protection. The incorporation of Eva foam provides comfort while boosting impact dispersion.


  • Durable and lightweight materials
  • Hard plastic shell for ample shin protection
  • Lower and upper holes to boost breathability
  • 14 designs and three sizes for versatility


  • Not as many sizes as HiRui
  • Some colors are unavailable in some sizes

Aimisicar Kids Youth Shin Pads and Shin Guard: Best Football Shin Pads for Youth

You’ll love Aimisicar if you’re seeking something similar to Noper for your kids.


Their three options are better than Mitre’s two, allowing kids from 3-15 years to use them.

Besides, the included compression sleeves ensure an enhanced fit and deter slipping.


  • Five colors to suit various tastes
  • Three sizes to fit multiple shin sizes
  • Compression sleeves to secure pads
  • Dual-hole design and mesh sleeves to boost breathability


  • The strap may be too big for some
  • The pads may not be snug for some users

Mitre Aircell Carbon Football Shin Pad: Best Breathable Football Shin Pads

Thanks to the breathable Aircell design, these stylish Mitre shin pads allow superb airflow.


Not only do you get shin protection, but they also include a sock to cover your ankle.

This pair is your go-to option if you want a jack of all trades with the best football ankle brace.


  • Light, interior foam backing for comfort
  • Includes ankle support for added protection
  • Includes a sock to ensure proper positioning
  • Aircell design ensures immense breathability


  • Some may find the straps too short
  • Only two sizes, which may present fitting issues for some

Yunyilan Soccer Shin Pads: Best Football Shin Guards for the Value for Money

Like Doryum and HiRui, Yunyilan pads are excellent for those seeking a versatile pair.


Their honeycomb design provides decent spreading to lower impact forces.

Robust Eva foam construction with sturdy stitching supports longevity without compromising comfort.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Includes a calf sleeve for compression
  • Breathable, elastic sleeves to secure the pads
  • Honeycomb design for enhanced impact spreading


  • Sizing may be an issue
  • Not as sturdy a Doryum

Adidas Tiro League Shin Guards: Most Durable Football Shin Guards

As expected, the popular Adidas don’t disappoint with their Tiro collection.


These lightweight shin guards offer a snug fit thanks to their diverse sizes, from extra-small to extra-large.

The hard shell features tough Polypropylene for ample cushioning, while the interior is padded for comfort.


  • Eva foam interior for comfort
  • Five sizes suitable for adults to kids
  • Tough plastic shell for immense impact absorption
  • Comfortable, elastic compression sleeve to secure the pads


  • Some sizes are relatively pricey
  • Some may have issues with the fit

Gonex Shin Pad: Best Cheap Football Shin Pads

Don’t stretch your pockets on a classy Adidas pair when affordable Gonex can offer a decent experience.


Netted elastic sleeves ensure superb breathability while securing your pads.

The interior Eva foam is gentle on your legs while ensuring shock dispersion.


  • Most affordable inclusion
  • Three sizes and six colors to suit many
  • Eva foam padding for enhanced shock spreading
  • Holed pads and netted sleeves to boost breathability


  • Plastic pieces may slide out often
  • Sizing may be challenging, especially for kids

Hersent Shin Guard Sock: Best Shin Guard Socks

Are you finding it challenging to get excellent socks for your shin guards? Fret not, as Hersent has you covered.


These socks have soft material with medium-hole knitting to allow ample breathability. Moreover, they are available in three sizes to fit most shins.


  • One-month money-back assurance
  • Three sizes suitable for most players
  • Mesh construction to boost breathability
  • Sturdy double-layer, polyester construction for longevity


  • Don’t come with shin guards
  • Tend to slip for users with skinny legs

Hopeforth Padded 2 Pack Compression Leg Support: Best Shin Pads with Knee Guards

While Hopeforth may be twice as pricey as Doryum and other alternatives, you get shin guards and knee pads too. 


Both pads have a honeycomb construction that boosts force spreading, woven into one continuous piece. This way, you get ample protection for your shins and knees.


  • Five sizes to ensure an excellent fit
  • Honeycomb design to spread the force
  • Includes knee pads for added protection
  • One-piece sleeve design to keep everything secure


  • Sizing concerns for some
  • The compression sleeve is too tight for some

Things To Take Into Account Before Buying Football Shin Pads

Are you still wondering which are the best shin guards from the many brands available? The main thing to ensure is that you have adequate, long-lasting protection from well-fitting equipment. It’s also great to get a decent design that doesn’t break the bank.

black shin guards on the grass

Let’s look into this further.


Above all else, your shin pads must offer ample padding. Look for pads from high-density foam, hard plastic, or similar materials. These offer the best impact absorption.

Also, ensure the pads protect the entire shin area, irrespective of their design.


Because football is physically demanding, ensure that your shin guards can survive significant wear and tear.

Look for pads composed of robust, long-lasting materials, like high-density foam, polypropylene, or something comparable. To avoid the pads breaking apart after only a few uses, ensure they have strong stitching.


It’s wise to pick shin pads that fit well with your playing style. For example, you might want pads with better coverage if you play with more aggression.

However, if you’re a more technical player, you might like lighter pads that allow for more maneuverability.

Some pads feature add-ons like built-in ankle braces or calf compression sleeves. So, these are worth considering if you’re looking for extra support.


Some brands are popular for high-quality products that offer great protection and durability. Others are synonymous with cheaper products that may hold up poorly over time.

Choose a brand that you trust and that has a good reputation. Most top sport gear manufacturers make shin guards. So, selecting your pads is straightforward if you like a given one.


Pricing is essential, irrespective of what you’re buying. Shin pads range from a few dollars to over one hundred. Choose a pair that fits your budget.

However, don’t sacrifice quality for the price. Ensure that the shin pads you pick provide the protection needed.


Ensure that the shin guards are the right size for you. You won’t get the protection you require with oversized shin pads. If they are too small, they’ll be uncomfortable.

FAQs: The Most Nagging Questions About Football Shin Pads

football player in red and white jersey kicking foot in the air

Why Are Shin Pads So Small?

Shin pads are so small, particularly in football, as some players only wear them to comply with rules. Some prefer smaller pads to allow them to have their socks rolled down.

Moreover, small shin pads allow for better mobility as they don’t weigh you down.

What Should You Wear Under Shin Guards?

You should wear socks under shin guards if you have trouble securing them. Compression sleeves, tape, or stays may also help keep slip-in guards in place.

Can You Wear Shin Guards with Socks?

You can wear shin guards with socks, with the type of socks depending on preference.

You can insert strapless shin guards slightly into crew socks or have them above ankle socks. Use athletic tape for football to secure strapless shin guards. Then, cover the guard with a sleeve or full-length socks.


The right pads are essential for shin protection and performing at your best, regardless of level. Now that you know all about football shin pads and what to look for when choosing a pair, it’s time to make your decision.

We hope you liked our look at the best football shin pads. Remember, the key is to find shin pads that fit well, offer adequate protection, and are comfortable to wear.

Did this buying guide help you locate the ideal shin guards for you? Great! Grab them, get out there, and enjoy the game.

Also, check how to clean cleats, and ensure your shoes stay in the best condition to support the pads’ protective abilities.

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