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11 Best Football Pants – Detailed Buying Guide!

American football is the most loved game in the United States. Whether you’re playing it as an amateur or professional, you need the best football pants. Football pants are specially designed to allow for effective movement when playing.

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Schutt Sports Poly Knit Varsity Football Pant
Sports Unlimited Integrated Football Pants
Rawlings Football Pants

They can also offer protection, hence the need to wear them. It’s important to note that football is a contact sport, and tackles can be rough. The high-quality fabric materials and protective pads provide the necessary protection.

Pads are strategically located in the lower torso, a common impact area. The best football girdles help protect you against hard hits.

So, which are the best men’s football pants? The ideal football pants allow you to move swiftly without damaging the pants.

Join me as I review the best and top-rated football pants for you. By the end of the post, you should know how to wear football pants and choose the best.

Best Football Pants: Top 3 Picks Side-by-side

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Why Should You Invest in Football Pants?

You should invest in football pants because of their protection during games and practice. As indicated earlier, football is a contact sport. Hard hits below the torso can be painful and even cause injuries.

You need a reliable pair of pants with quality material construction. The pants should be of the right size and padding to offer a comfortable and satisfactory experience.

The use of equipment in American football has evolved over the years. And football pants remain a great part of the game.

11 Top Rated Youth and Adult Football Pants

Below, I will review the best youth football pants and adult football pants for you. These are top-quality pants with high-quality construction material, good reviews, and exciting features.

Check them out and choose one that best suits your needs.

Sports Unlimited Integrated Football Pants – Maximum Padding Protection

Sports Unlimited is premium football pants with multiple integrated pads for maximum safety. The pants are also highly rated and recommended due to their superior comfort levels.

It’s an exciting football pant with quality double-knit polyester construction to meet all your practice demands. It is a highly rated and recommended pant and one of the best for adults.


Belt closure: The belt has a belt closure for a better fit and comfort. An integrated belt adjusts with ease providing a custom fit.

7-piece integrated pads: It offers maximum protection due to 7 integrated pads. The pads cover the thighs, tailbone, hips, and knees. These are semi-rigid pads that offer excellent impact absorption. Players can keep fresh throughout the season despite the heavy tackling.

Durable double-knit polyester: The pants also feature a quality double-knit polyester material for maximum durability. They can withstand heavy practice sessions and offer you good value for money.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Custom-fit due to an adjustable belt
  • Machine-washable, hence easy to clean
  • Maximum protection due to semi-rigid pads


  • Belt loosens
  • Short in length

Champro Men’s Football Pants With Pads – Best Men’s Practice Pants

Champro football pants are fully-length pads with a durable double-knit fabric. The pants come with sewn-in pads and built-in pads for maximum comfort, fit, and movement.

You’ll love the factory-installed pads and a belt, making them an outstanding pick on our list. Athletes can wear it very fast and enjoy some quick practice. It’s durable pants and one pretty easy to clean by machine.


Sewn-in Pads: It comes with sewn-in factory pads reducing pre-time for athletes. They have installed factory pads, saving you time when starting practice.

Built-in Belt: A built-in belt also provides athletes with a custom fit. It’s a full-length covered belt that secures your pants firmly. Therefore, you can run and move around without the pants becoming loose.

100% Dyno-Stretch polyester fabric: The pants also feature a durable Dyno-stretch fabric material, which is durable and flexible, allowing you to move freely.


  • Durable and flexible material
  • It fits firmly due to sewn in belt
  • Machine wash thus easy to clean
  • Saves time wearing due to built-in pads


  • Run small
  • Hard to fit over the hips

Under Armour Adult Integrated Football Pants – Best Fit Overall

Under Armour is a leading brand of football pants with excellent sizing. The pants fit perfectly and offer a comfortable playing experience. They feature a pull-on closure which ensures a custom fit.

This is a premium quality pants with 100% polyester material construction. It’s durable, flexible, and quite easy to clean.


Pull-on closure: A pull-on closure is an outstanding feature on these pants that ensures a custom fit. You must pull the closure for a comfortable fit and tie it.

Machine-wash: It’s also machine washable, making cleaning a breeze. You can toss the pants in a machine without worrying about any damage.

4-way stretch: This is a 4-way stretch fabric to ensure a comfortable fit and movement. You can run around without the pants tearing as they stretch in 4 ways.


  • Great fit
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy movement due to a 4-way stretch fabric


  • White ones are a little transparent
  • Small pants

Sports Unlimited Pro Flex Football Pants – Best Integrated Eva Foam Pads

Sports Unlimited Flex pants are another decent choice with the best EVA foam pads. The pants ensure maximum protection in the field. They provide athletes with excellent impact absorption.

The pads are sturdy yet semi-rigid, offering protection at points with the most impact. You get extra hip coverage without restricting movement.


Closed Fly with Nylon Belt: These pants offer one of the cleanest looks with an integrated nylon web belt. The belt provides a secure fit without messy tie strings.

Integrated EVA foam pads: It also boasts integrated EVA foam pads. The pads are semi-rigid and absorb impact keeping you safe. They are lightweight, durable, and anatomically fitting. Athletes get protection without any movement hindrance.

Hi-Rise hip pads: The pants offer added coverage on the hips without limiting movement. What’s more? The pads are lightweight and will not add any extra weight.


  • Durable
  • Clean look and fit
  • Anatomically fitting
  • Added hips coverage


  • Runs small
  • The pants are sheer

Champro Men’s Terminator 2 Football Pants – Best Easiest Fit

The Champro men’s Terminator pants offer the easiest fit when you’re in a hurry. They feature a closed no-fly front eliminating the need for drawstrings. The pants are quite easy to fit than most traditional pants.

They also offer excellent protection due to contoured thigh, knee, tailbone, and hip pads. The pants material also stretches in a 4-way for flexible movement.


4-way stretch material: These are flexible pants that allow for unrestricted movement. They feature a flexible 4-way stretch material for a comfortable daily fit.

Contoured built-in pads: The pants also have contoured pads on the hips, knee, tailbone, and thigh. They provide maximum protection without limiting your movement.

100% polyester: These are durable 100% polyester material pants. They’ll serve you for ages and feel extremely lightweight.


  • No messy drawstrings
  • 100% polyester, thus durable
  • 4-way stretch material for easy movement
  • Enhanced protection due to contoured pads


  • To lose at the knees
  • Knee pads rub against the knee.

Schutt Sports Poly Knit Varsity Football Pant – Best Youth Football Pants Overall

The Schutt are among the best youth football pants with a durable moisture-wicking fabric. It is a top-quality varsity football pant with 7-piece pads. The pads protect the knees, tailbone, thigh, and hips.

This is a sleek design of football pants that will not stick against the skin. The pants absorb moisture well and keep you cool. They are great-fitting pants with a drawstring and a belt closure to ensure a snug fit.


Moisture-wicking fabric: The pants’ fabric is moisture-wicking, enabling them to absorb any sweat on the skin. This keeps you cool and dry for comfortable playing.

Machine washable: The material is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

7-piece pad: It features a 7-piece pad kit that ensures maximum protection in high-impact areas.


  • Easy to clean
  • 100% polyester
  • Durable moisture-wicking fabric
  • Maximum protection on high-impact areas


  • It runs a size small
  • The rear end rides a little

Cramer Football Game Pants – Best Youth-Sized Football Pants

The Cramer football pants are football-sized pants with integrated EVA foam padding. They are pretty comfortable pants and a decent choice for any youth. The pants feature high-rise padding that protects the iliac crest from the pointers.

These are durable pants with 100% polyester construction. The pants also feature a lace-up front and a tunnel belt for a secure fit.


Tunnel belt & Lace-up front: The pants feature a tunnel belt and a lace-up front, ensuring a great fit. You can adjust for a snug custom fit.

High-rise padding: They also feature high-rise padding that protects the iliac crest from hip pointers. You can run and play without worries of injuries.

Integrated closed-EVA foam: The pants also come with closed integrated EVA foam padding, which ensures maximum comfort. The pads are also removable for flexible use.


  • High-impact plastic interior
  • Secure fit due to a belt closure
  • EVA-foam padding is thus comfortable
  • High-rise padding protecting the iliac crest from hip pointers


  • Thin material
  • Way too short

Rawlings Football Pants – Best Padding Youth Football Pants

The Rawlings football pants are premium quality youth football pants. They are durable pants with 100% polyester material. These are pants specially designed for youth from ages 8-14 years.

The pants feature sewn-in pads that ensure pads remain in place. Moreover, they are easy to clean and feature the classic Rawlings logo on the right hip.


Sewn-in pads: the pants have built-in pads in the spine, thigh, knees, and hips. They ensure maximum protection in these high-impact areas.

Belt closure and drawstring: A belt and a drawstring closure ensure a tight fit. They are snug-fitting pants that ensure players run and move freely.

Sleek and stylish: The pants feature a sleek finish and look great on you.


  • Multiple pad protection
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Great fit 
  • Pads sewn-in thus stays in place


  • A bit expensive
  • They tend to run small

Champro Boys’ Long Sleeve – Most Flexible Football Pants

The Champro is a long sleeve boys’ football pant with a flexible design. It’s a sleek design pant with a belt closure and sewn-in pads. These are full-length football pants that take away the fuss of securing pants.

It’s a pretty solid plant with 100% polyester construction. The material is durable, flexible, and machine washable.


Sewn-in pads: The pants feature pads that are sewn in to ensure they stay in place. This also helps reduce prep time for athletes when practicing.

Built-in belt: A further built-in belt ensures the belt stays in place and keeps you comfortable. The belt is pretty easy to adjust and ensures a secure fit.

Durable and flexible polyester: The pant construction features a solid polyester material for durability.


  • Durable
  • Flexible
  • Easy machine washing
  • Built-in pads that stay in place


  • They run small
  • The white pant is a see-through

Nike Boy’s Recruit – Most Comfortable Football Pants

The Nike Boy’s Recruit pants are super comfortable and a must-have for every boy. These are sleek pants with pads on the knees, hips, ankles, and tailbone. 

The pants offer exceptional protection and comfort. They are also sleek and look stylish on you.


Belt closure: The pants come with a belt closure which adjusts and ensures a snug fit.

Multiple pads: It boasts pads on the most impact areas to ensure optimal protection. The pants feature pads on the knees, hips, tailbone, and thighs.

Stylish and sleek: A beautiful design of football pants is available in white and black. The pants fit snugly and look great when worn.


  • Beautiful design
  • Super comfortable
  • Secure fit due to belt
  • Optimal protection due to many pads


  • Pricey
  • A little longer

 Augusta Sportswear Boys – Best Contoured Knee Pads

The Augusta is a top-quality sports pant and an excellent choice to offer maximum protection. It’s a sleek design pant with 92% polyester and 8% spandex knit.

Augusta pants feature thighs reinforced with a plastic core for added protection. In addition, it’s a safe pair of pants that keeps you protected against hard hits. They are full-length pants with contoured knee pads. The pads fit nicely and don’t impede movement.


Contoured knee pads: The pants feature contoured knee pants. The pants offer excellent protection to the knees while also not restricting movement.

Reinforced plastic on thighs: It also features thighs reinforced with plastic to enhance protection around the thighs.

5-panel construction: A further 5-panel construction and sewn-in EVA pads ensure athletes feel safe and confident.


  • Flexible movement
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent pad protection
  • Great fit due to a belt closure


  • Runs big
  • White options catch dirty fast

Factors To Look For When Buying Football Pants

There are multiple factors to consider when buying football pants. These are factors that determine the pant’s suitability.

two young football players walking

Below are some main factors to consider as you enter the market.


First, you need pants that feel comfortable throughout the game. With running, players sweat a lot, and pants can feel skintight. Consider pants with moisture-wicking material to absorb sweat and let you feel comfortable.


The rigorous running and tackling in American football require pretty durable pants. The pants must feature a strong and durable material to resist damage from falling on the ground.

Additionally, the fabric material needs to allow for reuse and washing. The last thing you want is pants that you wear after a few weeks of use. Make sure you know how to wash football pants to avoid damage.

Consider pants with solid polyester fabric materials. These are durable and lightweight.


The grabbing in American football from opposing players means you need pants that fit snugly. Consider pants with adjustable belts, drawstrings, and pull-on closures.

Skintight spandex pants are among the best, fitting snugly yet allowing for easy movement. Make sure the pants are flexible but still comfortable. How should football pants fit?

Make sure the pants fit snugly but without hindering movement.


Quality football pant requires pads on crucial impact areas for maximum protection. Choose pants with pads on the knees, hips, tailbone, and thighs.

You also need to learn how to put pads in football pants if the pads are not built-in.


Lastly, make sure you check the chart size and choose fitting pants. If the pants tend to run small, consider choosing a size higher.

Best Football Pants Most Asked Questions

teams running in a football match

What Kind of Pants Do NFL Players Wear?

NFL players wear stretchy football pants with lycra, polyester, and nylon materials. Such pants allow for excellent ventilation and freedom of movement.

How Do I Keep My Football Pants From Falling Down?

You can keep pants from falling by securing them with a belt or a drawstring. Football pants come with belt closures, drawstrings, and pull-on closures.

What Do You Wear Under Football Pants?

You wear football girdles under football pants. Make sure you choose the best football girdle that protects the groin area.

Should My Football Pants Be Tight?

Yes, football pants need to be tight. However, they should also remain comfortable.


Choosing the best football pants should not be difficult when you know the best brands and factors to consider. A suitable football pant should serve the main purpose; protection. You need football pants with excellent padding on the knees, hips, tailbone, and thighs. 

Additionally, the pants should stay in place and fit anatomically without affecting movement. We hope that you can now confidently choose football pants.

Read through our top selections above and carefully select a pair of football pants that best suits your needs. You can never go wrong when choosing from the best pants in the market with good ratings.

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