Best Football Lineman Gloves

10 Best Football Lineman Gloves

Different gloves suit different positions and playing styles. If you’re a lineman, you need gloves to give you the protection and grip you need.

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Adidas Freak Max 2.0 Padded Football Lineman Gloves
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Sports Unlimited Max Clash Padded Lineman Football Gloves

Getting a pair that meets your needs is essential for performing your best on the field. If you’re unsure of what to pick, our best football lineman gloves should help you out.

We particularly like the Adidas Freak Max 2.0s with their insane amount of padding, excellent breathability, and more. However, options like the Cutters and Nike D-Tack 6 are equally irresistible.

Find out why we chose each option, the criteria you can use for shopping, and more.

Best Football Lineman Gloves: Top 3 Choices Compared

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Are Lineman Gloves Worth It?

“Do linemen wear gloves?” is one of the most common questions. The answer is yes. Linemen wear gloves as they’re a worthwhile addition that can give a significant advantage on the field. 

Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of wearing lineman gloves.

Improved Grip

Having a good grip is essential when you’re trying to block or tackle an opponent. Lineman gloves give you a better grip on the ball so that you can make plays more easily. Besides, the gloves can help you avoid fumbles and other turnovers.

Better Protection

Your hands constantly come into contact with other players and the ground while playing. These interactions can lead to cuts and scrapes. Wearing gloves can help you avoid these injuries.

Lineman gloves can also protect your hands from cold weather. So you can keep playing at your best, even when it’s chilly outside.

Improved Control

Having good control is essential when you’re trying to make a catch or a tackle. Lineman gloves can help you grip the ball more securely, so you can make plays with ease. Plus, gloves can help you avoid mistakes.

10 Finest Lineman Football Gloves 

So, what gloves do NFL linemen wear? Let’s take a look at the best picks.

Adidas Freak Max 2.0 Padded Football Lineman Gloves: Best Gloves for Lineman Overall

Adidas passed our expectations with this maximum freak duo. GripTack 2.0 palm material provides ultimate stickiness, while the ultra-padded back, palms, and thumb keep everything protected. 


These gloves have an extended cuff for added wrist support and a comfortable fit. They’re also easily washable, so you can keep them looking and feeling fresh.


  • GripTack technology to enhance palm tackiness
  • Reinforced thumbs, palm edges, and back to boost protection
  • Sturdy eight-material construction with robust stitching for longevity
  • Breathable AeroReady back design with fourchette material for comfort


  • More colors would be great
  • Some sizes are relatively pricey

Cutters Lineman Padded Football Gloves: Best Football Gloves for Center Linemen

Not only are these thick pairs an excellent companion for your roughest games, but they also help with performance.


The inclusion of C-tack tech gives the Freak Max 2.0s a run for their money in terms of stickiness. Meanwhile, the gel-infused pads ease any impact. 

As if that weren’t enough, they’re also one of the most breathable lineman gloves. So you’ll stay dry and cozy.


  • Seven sizes to get a comfortable pair
  • Back-hand ridges for boosted protection
  • Mostly mesh backs to promote breathability
  • Reinforced fingertips and palm edges to improve tackiness, and protection


  • A few sizes are pricey
  • Only black-and-white options

Nike Men’s D-Tack 6 Lineman Gloves: Best Football Gloves for Defensive Ends

One of Nike’s recent lineman offerings, 2018’s Superbad 4.0 gloves, helps you perform your best. With their D-tack palm technology, these gloves give you an exceptional grip on your opponents and the ball.


Besides, they include hydra-grip, making them a go-to option in warm or wet weather.

Most importantly, their rugged appearance with extra palm, fingertip, and back padding makes you look like one impregnable mean machine.


  • Smooth fingertip seams for comfort
  • Five sizes from medium to 3x-large for a snug fit
  • A stylish design with seven colors to customize your look
  • Sturdy multi-material construction with durable stitching


  • No small sizes
  • More expensive

Sports Unlimited Max Clash Padded Lineman Football Gloves: Best Lineman Gloves for the Value for Money

While decent, many brands don’t provide enough padding on your knuckles. However, Sports Unlimited has you covered with these gloves that come with shock-absorbing foam on the back.


The palms have a tacky grip that ensures you don’t let go of your opponents. The extended wrist support, seven size options, and adjustable Velcro strap make them fit like a glove (pun intended).


  • Rugged backs to enhance protection
  • Enhanced palm padding for better blocking
  • Light and comfortable to support maneuverability
  • Seven sizes and an adjustable Velcro strap to customize the fit


  • The stitching may not last long
  • Only black and white gloves are available

Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Football Gloves: Stickiest Lineman Gloves

Pro 3.0 Elites are a versatile option for both linemen and receivers. The palms come with tacky ultra-stick silicone that gives you a boosted grip on the ball.


Though not as much padding as Adidas Freak Max 3.0, the palms have decent gel cushioning to ease any impact.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Four colors suitable for versatility
  • Seven adult sizes to improve the fit likelihood
  • Ultra-stick silicone palm, enhancing tackiness


  • Lacks kid options
  • Not as sticky during wet conditions

Grip Boost Stealth Dual Color Adult Football Gloves: Best Grip Boost Lineman Gloves

A perfect amalgamation of style and substance, Grip Boost Stealth gloves help you make an impact on the field.


The Stealth adult gloves feature generous amounts of strategically placed padding to help with any impact. The palms come with tacky grip gel that improves your grip and control.

Moreover, the loud color schemes make you look good while you play.


  • Five sleek colors for versatility
  • Sturdy silicone palms with enhanced grip
  • Breathable finger ridges and backs for comfort
  • Silicone extended across the thumb to increase the tacky area.


  • Not the sturdiest
  • Getting a suitable size may be an issue

Nicewin Adult Football Gloves: Best Budget Lineman Gloves

With an incredible price tag, the Nicewin adult gloves are a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice quality. They feature high-grip silicone material on the palms to give you a firm hold.


Strategically-placed padding protects your hands without being weighty. Plus, the gloves have breathable mesh backs and perforated palms to keep your hands cool and dry.


  • Breathable mesh backs to counter sweat
  • Extensive color range (six), suitable for most
  • Extended silicone thumbs, boosting grip area
  • Five sizes plus a sturdy Velcro strap to ensure a snug fit


  • The padding isn’t as thick as most options on the list
  • The stitching may come off earlier than the other picks

Grip Boost Stealth Dual Color Boys Football Gloves: Best Youth Lineman Gloves

It’s time for the boys now, and Grip Boost has you covered with their Stealth gloves. Like their adult counterparts, they feature generous padding and tacky gel palms. Hence, protection and functionality are top priorities.


The Stealth gloves are also some of the most stylish on the market with their dual-color schemes. So your little one will look good while playing.


  • Five colors for versatility
  • Sticky silicone palms to promote grip
  • A sturdy protective design ideal for all weather conditions
  • Between-finger and hand-back fabric design for breathability enhancement


  • Sizing may be an issue
  • Not as breathable as Nicewin

Seibertron Lineman 2.0 Padded Palm Football Gloves: Best Fingerless Lineman Gloves

Thanks to the fingerless design, these gloves give you the dexterity you need to make plays. The palms have their tacky silicone material to give you a firm grip.


Don’t let their fingerless design fool you that they’re less protected. This pair features reinforced TPR patented backs to boost impact-cushioning. The gloves also have a leather construction that guarantees comfort and breathability.

If fingerless isn’t for you, there are complete versions too.


  • Ten sizes to fit most
  • The fingerless design supports dexterity
  • Reinforced ridged back to improve protection
  • Includes a full-glove option for enhanced protection


  • One color that isn’t the most appealing
  • Fingerless design offers less protection

Grip Boost Raptor Adult Padded Hybrid Football Gloves: Most Stylish Lineman Gloves

Imagine wearing the same kit as Tyreek Hill. That’s the experience that the Grip Boost Raptor gloves bring to the table.


The sleek, groovy backs provide a unique look while ensuring protection and longevity. Meanwhile, the palms come with a tacky foam surface that gives you a firm hold.

This hybrid design, with its mix of materials, guarantees breathability and comfort.


  • Six adult sizes ensure a cozy fit.
  • Ridged back to enhance protection
  • Meshed finger ridge and back to improve breathability
  • Stylish, rugged look providing both aesthetics and comfort


  • No kid options
  • Pretty much one color scheme (black palms with white backs or vice versa)

Things to Consider When Buying Lineman Football Gloves

Not every glove offers the features you need as a football lineman. You require a comfortable, breathable, sturdy pair with a good grip.

Here are the most important considerations to help you make the best decision when selecting gloves.


Maintaining a comfortable body temperature is important when playing. If your gloves aren’t breathable, your hands may sweat and become uncomfortable. Unless you’re Chris Jones, you wouldn’t like the stench oozing from a non-breathable pair.

football player holding helmet with gloved hands

Wet hands can also make it challenging to grip the ball and lead to skin irritation. Look for gloves that have perforations or other ventilation features to ensure breathability.

However, the most breathable gloves may not offer you much protection. With protection being a crucial need for linemen, it’s key to get a pair that balances both features.

Fit and Size

A proper fit helps the gloves stay in place and provide the best protection and grip. The right size ensures that the gloves aren’t too loose or tight.

Check for the size chart of whichever brand you prefer to determine what fits your needs. Also, look at reviews and see whether previous purchasers have issues getting the right size. With that, you can adjust and get the perfect pair of gloves for your hands.


Linemen are more likely to suffer from hand injuries than other positions. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the gloves offer adequate hand protection.

Look for padding in the palms and fingers to protect the hands from impact and abrasion. Some gloves even include padding on their backs to enhance comfort and protection. However, they may be a bit heavier.

Others have skimpy padding levels and include a half-finger design. Ultimately, how much padding you want is up to you.


Mobility is especially important for offensive linemen, who need to grip and control the football. The best gloves for mobility have a snug fit that doesn’t restrict movement. Additionally, the gloves shouldn’t be too bulky, as this can interfere with grip.


Linemen need gloves that hold up to the rigors of the game. They should have quality materials and reinforcements in areas prone to wear and tear.

Though it’s challenging to gauge quality when shopping online, you can check customer reviews to get an idea of how durable the gloves are.


Linemen need to be able to grab and control their opponents. The best gloves for grip have a palm that helps the player to maintain a firm grip on the ball or their opponent. Additionally, the gloves should be snug-fitting to prevent them from slipping during use.

Some gloves even have special features that enhance grip. For example, some have raised silicone patterns on the palms to provide extra grip. Others have tacky palms coated with a sticky substance to improve grip.

FAQs: Most Burning Questions on Football Linemen Gloves

football team wearing red jersey and gloves

What Are the Most Used Gloves in the NFL?

The most used gloves in the NFL are Nike gloves. Many players use them because they provide a good grip and are comfortable. Adidas gloves are also popular among players.

Do All Positions in Football Need Gloves?

All positions in football need gloves for different reasons. Some players even consider themselves naked without gloves. Wearing gloves provides the running back with protection from the elements. 

Wide receivers and QBs use football gloves that are sticky to improve their ball grip. The quarterback uses them to improve control of how they send the ball. On the other hand, the wide receiver needs gloves to help them catch the ball.

Besides sticky gloves, others use wrist tape for football to protect their fingers while promoting grip.

Are Linemen Gloves Sticky?

Linemen gloves aren’t sticky since they don’t usually handle the ball. Gloves help linemen to grip other players and to keep a firm hold on them while blocking or tackling. So, the priority is protection over tack.


Linemen need gloves that offer a balance of protection, mobility, grip, and breathability. They also need to be comfortable and fit well.

The most important thing is to find gloves that fit your needs and budget. Don’t overspend on features that you don’t need. Likewise, don’t sacrifice quality in an effort to save money.

Find a balance between cost and quality that you’re comfortable with, and then stick to it.

Any of our top picks would be a good choice for linemen. While we especially like Adidas Freak Max 2.0, Nicewin gloves are an excellent choice if you need impressive quality at the least price.

Need more superb football gear? Complement your gloves with one of these best football shin pads.

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