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Our site is dedicated to making football easier to understand and enjoy. Going through the website will make you enjoy watching football as I do.

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Looking to learn a new thing about football each day? Make sure you check this section for a detailed analysis of football fundamentals, techniques, positions, plays, scores, and much more!

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Keep reading to get updated on every piece of gear you see in football.

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I started the website as a resource center for my friends and family to understand the game. They had a hard time understanding football. The website was helpful for learning strategies, terms, formations, and much more.

More people and new friends I had met through multicultural parties found my posts helpful. This pushed me further to expand and improve the website for everyone.

Equipment and Accessories

Football is a contact sport and does have a lot of safety concerns. You’ve probably seen a wide range of football equipment and accessories players wear.

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Here on My Football News, we share the common terms in football, techniques, positions, plays, scores, and much more with our readers.

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